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Mobile mini cellphone jammer needs to be connected to the scene to use

Holmvik Emil January 17, 2021 12:30

The penetration rate of smart phones is getting higher and higher, and the scope of application is getting wider and wider. From small to life consumption to large work applications, we can't do without it. However, in some special occasions, the functions of mobile phones should be limited, but there are still some people who do not follow the regulations and still use mobile phones unscrupulously. Therefore, there is a mobile mini cellphone jammer, which can well shield mobile phone signals and weaken mobile phones. Function to maintain the order that those special occasions should have.

The function of mobile cell phone jammer :

It is used to prevent mobile phones and base stations from receiving and sending signals, and to prohibit mobile phones in defined and designated regulated areas. Mobile phone signal jammers can be used almost anywhere, but they must be used in places like libraries, hospitals, schools, movie theaters, etc. to keep silent. In recent years, some companies and educational institutions have also been the main buyers of such products.

Where a mobile phone jammer is needed:

1. Schools and classrooms

As we mentioned above, mobile mini cellphone jammers are widely used and often appear in schools and are used in daily teaching or large-scale examinations. Specifically, it is because many teachers are tired of trying to prevent students from sending messages, playing games and surfing the Internet, because verbal blocking has no effect. Some students still use mobile phones secretly and ignore the lessons the teacher teaches.
In the exam, in order to get a high score, I will try every means to get the answer. It used to be a slip of paper, but now a mobile phone can check it randomly, the same type or exactly the same question will appear on the page and give the correct answer The answer, this is a very bad phenomenon for students. Therefore, it is still necessary to use cell phone jammers in schools. At the very least, students can study well and use their own strength to take exams. Even if the results are not satisfactory, they are the most authentic self.

2. Working environment

There is no doubt that in most offices, email and the Internet are absolute necessities. But what about cell phones?

For the office, the convenient use of the computer will weaken the function of the mobile phone, and the frequent use of the mobile phone will also distract some people and reduce work efficiency. Therefore, many companies will set up the prohibition of mobile phones during working hours. Regulations.

Especially in government agencies, once the staff of the agency accidentally leaked the content of their work, they could easily be stolen by illegal elements. This is a very dangerous thing for agencies and agencies. In order to prevent such incidents from happening, agencies will be equipped with cell mini cellphone jammers or cell phone signal jammer cabinets to avoid leaks.