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Mobile lojack detector jammers are sold all over the world

Markowski Daniel January 29, 2021 11:30

The Roman Catholic priest in Naples, Italy, suffered from the jingling of his mobile phones. He decided to get rid of electronic interference in a high-tech way: according to the London Daily Express, he had installed a cell phone jammer. Pastor Michel Madonna of the Church of Santa Maria di Montesanto in Naples, Italy, said that previous measures, such as gentle petitions, have not yet been answered by the gathered people. Madonna told the "Daily Express": "I signed this agreement to require people to turn off their mobile phones after service interruptions." "Phones have been closed during Mass and other events such as funerals."

Although Mexico does not have laws against these devices, personal use of cell phone lojack detector jammers is illegal in the United States and most Western countries. But the tide is changing. In Japan, mobile jammers can be installed in public places such as theaters and concert halls as long as they have obtained government permission. Last week, the French Minister of Industry approved the decision to install cinemas, concert halls and theaters, but only if arrangements are made so that emergency calls can still be made. Canada has considered allowing blockades under similar circumstances. Industry Canada, which is responsible for regulating Canadian telecommunications, objected to this, saying that the mobile phone jammer device may damage personal freedom and damage communications with law enforcement and security agencies, thereby endangering public safety. Netline officials sold the first lojack detector jammer in 1998. They say they sell thousands of mobile jammers every year and expand their business to all parts of the world. They are far from the only manufacturers. These devices are sold all over the world, and dozens of suppliers sell them on the Internet.