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WiFi jammer prevents wireless network intrusion

Rhode Philip March 05, 2021 10:30

Hello everyone! I mean, when these recently created cufflinks are connected to a PC or laptop, they can be used as a WiFi hotspot. They are indeed small, but the WiFi signals they generate can compromise the security of data stored on PCs or laptops, but there has been no similar situation in the rooms with WiFi Jammer.

For example, when there is a party on the first floor of my house and my laptop is on the second floor, no one can physically access it due to the closed doors and guards, but creating a WiFi hotspot allows criminals to gain this access. Therefore, vital data may be stolen or even destroyed. Those WiFi Hotspot cufflinks are very elegant and at the same time a practical way to create this situation.

The cufflinks you are talking about are Brookstone Silver cufflinks with 2GB internal memory, USB connection, and of course the ability to create a local WiFi hotspot when the laptop or PC you worry about is connected. Yes, they look very beautiful and elegant on the sleeves and may not be noticed before actual use, but I think it will be too late for you by then.

From the description you provided, I see that your house is really big and needs to be protected to prevent WiFi from invading files and other data stored in digital devices. Considering the size of the house, it is not easy to establish such protection, but Brookstone WiFi hotspot cufflinks can still make the house safe. I suggest you use a wifi jammer, which can well protect the safety of important information.

Although these cufflinks may soon become very popular because they can be used as micro flash drives with 2GB of RAM and WiFi hotspots (considering their price is only $250), you can be sure that your house will Be absolutely protected from wireless intrusion!