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cell phone in backpack can maintain law and order

Bank Robin January 22, 2021 12:30

Attorney General Vitaliano Aguirre II said last Sunday that two more advanced cell phone jammer will be installed next week in the "new national prison" where some high-profile prisoners are detained. (NBP) Building.

Yayili II told the dzBB radio station that the two cell phone in backpack have been issued from the Customs Bureau and will be installed in the 14th building of the new national prison on Monday or Tuesday this week. He said, "The price is two million pesos per unit; this is only installed in Building 14"; he added that the new cell phone jammers can block 3G or LTE-enabled mobile phones.

He said that no one cent of government money was used for the purchase of the above two cell phone in backpack. He also said that the new device was donated by a "person who does good." At the same time, Yayili II called for more donations of mobile phone jammers. He said that they hope to install more advanced mobile jammers in the entire largest security complex of the new national prison.

The minister admitted that despite the numerous raids conducted by the police's special operations forces during the NBP, prisoners were still able to smuggle mobile phones in. He said that during the previous searches, the operators had confiscated more than 2,000 mobile phones. Mr. Yayili said that convicted drug lords detained in the New National Prison can continue their illegal operations via mobile phones.

The Ministry of Justice is currently investigating the alleged drug trade in the New National Prison, which reportedly flourished while Senator Leila de Lima was still the Minister of Justice. Yali presented at least seven eyewitnesses in the Judiciary Committee of the House of Representatives regarding alleged drug dealings in prisons in the country.