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Mobile jammers are very effective for classroom discipline

Bliss Julie February 17, 2021 12:30

A netizen broke the news that a college in Sichuan had installed cell phone jammers and placed cell phone bags in classrooms. The netizen posted a long post expressing dissatisfaction with the school, thinking that such a move was unreasonable. On the afternoon of September 17, a reporter from the Chengdu Evening News learned from Sichuan City Vocational College that the school installed mobile phone jammers in classrooms because of the construction of a graduate examination room, and the installation of mobile phone bags is to strengthen teaching construction and improve classroom discipline management.

The relevant person in charge of the school's academic affairs office told reporters that because the school is building a graduate examination room this year, mobile phone jammers have been installed in some classrooms. They are still under installation and construction and have not yet been used. Strictly demanded, and it is not usually turned on."

In response to the problem of setting up cell phone jammer in the classroom, the person in charge stated to reporters that it is to strengthen student education and strengthen classroom discipline management. “We are implementing strictly in accordance with the document requirements. According to the latest document notice issued by the Ministry of Education, we must strengthen the classroom Teaching management, comprehensive rectification of the order of education and teaching, strict management, strict control of teaching order, requires the establishment of strict management rules, the construction of classroom teaching, and the quality of classroom teaching."

At the same time, the person in charge of the school told reporters that the school encourages informatization education and will use mobile phone jammers in MOOC teaching (large-scale open online courses). “If there is no informatization requirement in class, we still encourage students to put their mobile phones. Go to your cell phone pocket and try to avoid using your cell phone.