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It is illegal for WiFi jammers to block other people's signals

Mohammed Kalasm January 05, 2021 12:30

Because Xiao Mou in Xinfeng County was worried that WiFi would be harmful to his body, he bought a wifi jammer and installed it in his home. As a result, the network signal of the entire community was sometimes lost. Some residents guessed based on the regularity of the intermittent signal that someone in the community had installed a WiFi signal jammer in their home, and they called the police for help.

It is understood that since mid-July, a strange incident has occurred in a community on Jiefang Road in Xinfeng County. Five or six residents have called the mobile company to report that the WiFi signal in the community is very strange. The signal is full when it is strong, and a little signal when it is weak. No, and the period of no signal is basically the same every day. The staff went deep into the cell for multiple inspections and confirmed that there was no problem with the signal source and transmission line. This has bothered the residents of the community and affected their normal communication and Internet access. In desperation, someone called the police.

   On the evening of July 31, the police from the Jiading Police Station of the Xinfeng County Public Security Bureau visited several times and found out that the shield was most likely to be installed in the home of Xiao, a householder in the community, and immediately found Xiao to investigate the situation. Sure enough, the police found a WiFi signal jammer in Xiao's home. Upon questioning, it was learned that Xiao suffered from depression, often felt very depressed, very uncomfortable, and could not sleep peacefully at night. Xiao believes that the WiFi signal of the neighbors is radiating and has infested his body, so he bought a jammer to install in his home in mid-July. Xiao Mou turned on the WiFi jammer to block the signal when he was at home, and turned it off when he was out. When the jammer is turned on and off, it directly interferes with the WiFi signal of neighbors. Therefore, there are occasions where the Internet cannot be accessed intermittently.

  The reason was found out. Under the persuasion of the police, Xiao removed the WiFi jammer on the spot, apologized to his neighbors, and promised to improve his depression through scientific psychotherapy.