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Mobile tiny cell phones for sale jammers can interrupt radio intrusions

Sakthivel Kiran February 03, 2021 11:30

Electronic devices usually need to be wirelessly connected to the Internet and/or other IoT hardware. As people increasingly rely on IoT devices, this sounds like the ideal setting for digital criminals. Many security experts, including Ken Westin of Tripwire, will agree. Westin is particularly concerned that people and companies are canceling wired communications. In Westin’s article "Radio Kills the Safety of Things: Radio Frequency tiny cell phones for sale Jammers and Crime," he wrote: "I heard news that many people cut wires and claimed that they did not have a wired connection. More disturbing Yes, they boast about being online.” This exposes people to major risks that many people don’t know about. "Don't know that mobile cell phone jammer can prevent radio intrusion?

Westin refers to wireless interference to cellular frequencies. Westin said: "If a thief or an intruder activates one of these devices from outside your home, your phone will no longer receive a signal, and you will no longer be able to make emergency calls for help." "One of these tiny cell phones for sale jammers Mobile jammers can also interfere with WLAN, so all communications in the house can be easily disabled by switches on these devices.” Westin believes that industrial and commercial systems are another risk. "These mobile phone jammers can also damage industrial systems, and if they have enough power, they may interrupt cell reception in certain areas. Therefore, it is conceivable that this strategy can be used not only by criminals, but also as part of the arsenal. Extremist groups." Attack. "