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Use mobile phone titan jammers to prevent eavesdropping

Markowski Daniel January 28, 2021 11:30

According to reports, the reason the neighboring merchants were less enthusiastic was that the mobile cell phone jammer also blocked the credit card authorization device. It turns out that “the church is located in the center of the so-called “Pignasecca” in central Naples, where shops are everywhere,” the Italian news agency Quotidiano reported. The British "Daily Mirror" quoted a trader as saying: "Since Father Madonna used the mobile phone titan jammer, I have been experiencing real problems with card reader payments. That didn't work at all. I was losing money. "The pastor said that he had obtained a police pass, but Giotiano Diano said that the Italian Ministry of Economic Development is actually the agency responsible for issuing permits. A complicated issue may be the "citizen's right to communicate." For those who wish to use the Madonna method in the United States, there is no blessing for interferers. The Federal Communications Commission, which monitors radio waves in the country, said: “Federal law prohibits the placement, sale or use of any transmitter (such as mobile phone titan jammers) designed to block, interfere with, or interfere with wireless communications.” Among other things, these devices may prevent emergency The incident occurred and endangered public safety. In April, a man from Severna, Florida, discovered the FCC's severe criticism. According to the Tampa Bay Tribune, Jason R. Humphrey used cellphone jammers during his daily commute to prevent other motorists from using their phones while driving.

The reporter noticed it first. When interviewing the weddings of rich and famous people, they couldn't call the editor. They asked the pastor why their phones never worked in the Sacred Heart Cathedral. His answer is: Israel’s counter-espionage activities. In the four Monterrey churches, the Israeli-made mobile phone titan jammers are the same size as paperback books and are neatly hidden between Madonna's paintings and statues of saints. From religious sacred sites to the Indian parliament, to Tokyo’s theaters and local trains, more and more mobile phones rang annoyingly multi-colored noises. These devices were originally designed to help security forces eavesdrop and prevent phone-triggered bomb attacks. . After politicians ignored calls to shut down the phones and the legislative session was continuously suspended, the Indian Parliament set up jamming signals. In Italy, universities found that teenagers with mobile phone experience cheated the exam by sending text messages or taking test photos, so they started using mobile phone titan jammers.