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Ordinary people cannot detect mobile phone tower tracking jammers

Bazemore John February 02, 2021 11:30

The prevailing belief is that wireless cell phone jammer are illegal, in most countries/regions. The Federal Communications Commission states: "If you are not an authorized user of the federal government, you are not allowed to use phone tower tracking jammers in the United States (even privately owned). This means using them on local transportation (such as trains, buses) Cell phone jammers are illegal) or in homes, vehicles, schools, theaters, restaurants or other public or private locations.” Despite the FCC’s warning, there are still many websites selling all kinds of imaginable wireless jammers. Westin wrote: "Mobile phone tower tracking jammers can be purchased online, and websites that sell them can also send them to U.S. citizens and other countries, even if they are illegal." "Using mobile jammers can cost $20,000 or less. Fine. But if criminals can buy unlicensed guns, it’s not difficult to pick up a mobile jammer."

You are not alone when the prospect of a cell phone tower tracking jammer turns your imagination into a secret conspiracy hidden by the evil Bond villain. This is why-you guessed it-in the United States and most parts of the world, with a few exceptions, it is illegal to sell, advertise, distribute or operate cell phone signal amplifiers in China. Since mobile signal jammers intentionally interfere with "authorized radio communications", the FCC believes that radio and WiFi signal jammers "pose a serious risk to public safety communications and may prevent you and others from using 9-1- 1 or other emergency calls Initiating... (and) also undermined law enforcement communication." In addition to public safety issues, radio frequencies are also protected by law under the Communications Act of 1934, which prohibits interference with authorized radio broadcasts. The most common symptom of mobile phone signal interference is service failure. Although some applications claim to be able to detect signal interference, most of these applications have not been verified and require a working signal to function. Without the most advanced military-grade technology, it is almost impossible for ordinary consumers to detect cell phone tower tracking jammers with certainty.