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Cochin Cedric March 01, 2021 10:30

Recently, I watched a video in which this small and fast robot was thrown into the house to conduct reconnaissance inside. How can I protect my house from such threats?

The US Army has ordered 1,100 Recon Scout XT robots from Recon Robotics. Recon Scout XT is an improved version of the Recon Scout IR model. It is equipped with small cameras for indoor and outdoor surveillance. It also has an infrared optical system that can enhance visibility in dark environments or even in absolute darkness. The robot is waterproof, and because of the special wheel structure, it can move on almost any terrain. It can be thrown away from a height of 30 feet, and can survive multiple drops on the concrete surface. What will happen to such a versatile robot if its connection is interrupted by a wifi jammer.

The Scout XT weighs 1.2 pounds and can be easily thrown into areas where reconnaissance is necessary. It can also be connected to a telephone pole or other similar objects for more comfortable monitoring. The robot is remotely controlled. By the way, the military and many other federal, state and even local agencies have deployed 2,200 units.

If you want to completely defend against this surveillance technology, you need to disconnect the connection between Recon Scout XT and its remote control, you can use a wifi jammer. When this intelligent robot leaves without human control, it will become helpless and stop its surveillance activities.