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Who supervises mobile phone signal jammers in the market

Ogden gary February 13, 2021 12:30

As early as 2007, the State Security Bureau and the Ministry of Information Industry jointly issued the "Regulations on the Development, Production and Sales of Mobile Communication Jammers for Confidential Conferences." It requires that the sale of mobile cell phone jammer for confidential meetings should be strictly controlled. When authorized companies sell products to confidential units, they must be checked by the confidentiality work department above the city (prefecture) level or the confidentiality agencies of the central and state agencies. The approved "Confidential Conference Mobile Phone Signal Jammer Purchase Review Record Form" is sold according to the approved product quantity and model, and detailed records are made. Authorized enterprises may not sell products to units and individuals without valid certificates, nor may they sell products in the form of consignment sales.

According to a staff member of the Shanghai Radio Administration, the use of mobile phone signal jammers cannot be used at any time, even if they have been approved by the relevant departments. Instead, they must be "timed" (for example, only during confidential meetings. ), "fixed person" (specialized personnel), "fixed power, range" (not allowed to increase the shielding range privately), etc.

Who should supervise the mobile phone signal jammers on the market? The staff member is not clear.

When the reporter contacted the industry and commerce department, the relevant staff explained that the mobile phone signal jammer should be a special device rather than a common commodity. Just as the sales of medicines are under the management of the Drug Administration, the sales of mobile phone signal jammers in the market are under the control of which department. Need to be discussed.