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Does WiFi jammer affect your life?

Neumann Darin January 06, 2021 12:30

No matter where we go now, it seems that the first sentence we enter the store is to ask the owner: "What is your WiFi password?"

It is undeniable that the wireless network has penetrated into every aspect of our lives. If we lose it one day, the consequences will be unimaginable. But did you know that wifi jammer are actually strange?

Block WIFI motherboard:

Recently, Hui Guoren found an open source motherboard, which can shield the surrounding wireless network and prevent you from surfing the Internet. The success rate can reach 99%, which is really frightening.

This motherboard is the NodeMCU ESP8266 which is very popular in the open source community recently. It was originally a device that provided Wifi serial port transparent transmission as a micro-controller. It was actually a 32bit Tensilica Xtensa LX106 processor with a clock frequency of 80 MHz and a complete wireless WiFi stack. The developer has transformed the wifi jammer to make network shielding an easy task. In the video, you can see the invisible. So I can only say, see it, stay away.

A few days ago, Canadian advertiser Grip Limited proposed a new idea: a tie that can hijack your WiFi signal and change its transmission path. After wearing this tie, only users who are 10 feet away from the wearer can successfully search for WiFi signals. Therefore, when the fathers wear it, the children who want to go online have no choice but to circle around their father. So, in terms of this concept, we call this new technology TieFi (a combination of Tie tie and WiFi).

Even with such a magic tie, I think everyone may still not grasp the core of the problem," a family doctor said in an interview with the media.

A few years ago, French researchers developed a wallpaper that can shield WiFi signals so that WiFi signals can be confined to specific offices or departments, thereby providing better WiFi security. This shielding technology is not a common electrostatic shielding, but only shields wireless LAN signals of specific frequencies, so mobile phones and radio broadcast signals can pass through. According to researchers, the price of this wallpaper is almost the same as the price of traditional mid-range wallpaper, and it has been on sale in 2013.

In addition to preventing WiFi signal snooping, this wallpaper can also be used in places where WiFi jammers may occur. For example, hospitals, hotels, theaters, etc., can also be used to prevent guests from trying to use external free WiFi signals to avoid paying. Of course, consumers who are more sensitive to electromagnetic waves are also a potential marketing target group.