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wifi jammer to stop harassers

Billal Dziri March 04, 2021 10:30

They also installed some kind of noise-generating device in our home. The sound ranged from the knocking of the wall to the knocking of the windowpane. When we use the bathroom, it seems that they can see us in a certain way, that is, when they trigger these sounds in a certain way. We are not sure, but we think they are using some kind of WiFi Jammer device to trigger the sound unit. Please help us choose a good product, we can provide a reliable defense against such terrorist acts.

You are talking about something very scary, you know? Based on everything you have written here, some conclusions can be drawn. First, this wifi jammer device emits various sounds and is controlled by a remote control or other wireless controller. By using this device, these people will hate you and even make you angry, so they may be someone who knows you, someone they know, or even your neighbors.

Second, if they can see you when you use the bathroom, there are three ways to do this. The first is the binocular usage pointing to the window of your bathroom (if any). The second method is to install a hidden camera near your restroom or hallway to see when you enter or enter there. The third method is to place the hidden microphone in the same position as the hidden camera. And, don’t forget the scariest one-a hidden camera with a built-in microphone. This is the fourth way, but it must not be forgotten.

I can fully understand your desire to get rid of terrible stalking and harassment, and I will give you some suggestions. You can get rid of those crazy harassers and stalkers by using a multi-frequency wifi jammer in your house, because you can’t determine which frequencies they use to do their dirty work, and the device will protect your house from all Violation of commonly used frequency bands.