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hidden cell phone detector can no longer be used in special places

Rivera Javier January 18, 2021 12:30

The rapid development of communication nowadays has brought closer communication between people. However, while communication technology brings convenience to people, it also brings new challenges to communication security and confidentiality. There have been cases of mobile phone wiretapping, leaks, cheating in examination rooms, major gas station explosions, and the use of mobile phones by persons serving sentences in prisons. They can direct their external associates to continue their illegal activities from the restricted prison room where they are located. activity. They plan behind the scenes to get rid of the charges, direct the killings, and even contact outside associates to carry out riots and escape from prison. The extent and severity of its harm has attracted the attention of leaders at all levels.

Themobile cell phone jammer is a product developed in accordance with the needs of the market, using special advanced technology. The principle is to isolate and convert the signal of the transmitter or instrument through the semiconductor device modulation edge, through the optical sensor or the magnetic sensor, and then demodulate and transform it back to the original signal before isolation, and at the same time supply the power supply for the isolated signal Perform isolation processing to ensure absolute independence between the converted signal and power supply. When it is working, it can form a shielding magnetic field within a specified range, making it impossible to make or access mobile phones, thereby achieving the purpose of forcibly banning mobile phones, completely solving the various hazards brought by mobile phones, and making people enjoy High technology brings speed and does not cause interference to the surroundings. It can completely eliminate the possibility of inmates in prison using mobile phones to communicate.

Friends who have a car should know that when you go to a gas station to refuel, you are not allowed to make and make calls, because when the mobile phone battery is activated, it can generate enough energy to cause a slight spark, which may cause a fire. Petroleum, chemical, safety and other relevant departments have expressly stipulated that the use of mobile phones in gas stations is prohibited. A few days ago, a man in Myanmar used a mobile phone to talk at a gas station and caused an explosion. The explosion directly caused a brick house, 50 gallons of diesel, and 7 car tires to burn, and the man who called was seriously injured and killed... The fire caused by using the mobile phone, There have been many cases across the country, and it has attracted many attentions. Relevant departments have recommended the use of hidden cell phone detector at gas stations under their jurisdiction. Sinopec and China National Petroleum Corporation have taken the lead in using mobile phone signal jammers at gas stations in some areas.

Each city and department can use hidden cell phone detector according to their actual conditions. It will have different effective shielding ranges in different use sites. Mobile phones of different standards may not have the same shielding range in the same site. Therefore, the management of the installation and use of mobile phone signal jammers requires a relevant functional department to attach great importance to it. It is necessary to ensure that the mobile phone jammer is used safely without affecting the normal use of public mobile communications.