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March 2021 Signal Jammers FAQ List

  • The problem with mobile jammers

    Interference detector, used to resist GSM jammers or alarms. The interference detector is also a solution to the alarm jammer. When the loss of GSM signal is detected, the anti-interference alarm will sound an alarm.


  • How to use GPS jammer to shield signal

    Just plug it into the cigarette lighter of the vehicle. After installation, the device will disturb GPS waves without affecting the GSM frequency. More specifically, the signal sent by the gps jammer will prevent communication between the receiver and the transmitter within a given perimeter.


  • How does a mobile phone jammer block radio waves

    Any electrical activity will cause interference. Therefore, the possibilities are diverse (motors, lamp ballasts, computers, televisions, radio control, digital circuits, railway signals, etc).


  • WiFi jammer detection tracker

    Sending a few signals at high levels on the interfered frequency band is enough to drown out the signal. Unauthorized transmission on these frequency bands is prohibited.


  • UAV jammer shields radio frequencies

    The watchdogs each sweep a 60-degree angle, looking for a signal between the drone jammer and the UAV. The eagle scans 360 degrees to detect the propeller and follow the flight path. If the drone gets too close, the Doberman will scramble to control the radio frequency.


  • gsm signal jammer shielding signal

    The wireless alarm is easy to install and remains the most vulnerable alarm security system. In order to neutralize and disable the wireless alarm, the anti-theft device may be interfered. The operating frequency of the waveform jammer is 900 MHz. Their purpose is simple, to prevent the transmission of alarms to the alarm center. Thanks to this gsm jammer, thieves can easily break into the house.


  • WiFi jammers will not interfere with the lives of others

    This type of wifi jammer device not only does not interfere with other people's waves, because it only interferes with others, but also uses a pack of waves (more than simple mobile phones) to cause such interference. The only solution is a portable Faraday cage.


  • What is the impact of mobile phone jammers indoors and outdoors

    For example, in a conversation between multiple interlocutors indoors and outdoors, they slide under the arms. Its use is very simple, just turn on the mobile cell phone jammer, and then point the mobile phone jammer to the area to be blocked. For example, for your office, interference will happen immediately.


  • GPS jammer blocks Bluetooth dongle

    You can also wrap the cable hole with metal foil, but if there is no metal foil, the overall signal attenuation is still high. Instead, you may be able to put the device in a metal box. If you can, please try to use a Class 3 Bluetooth dongle, or try to block it with a gps jammer.


  • GPS jammer blocks 5g signal

    Everything is based on the Faraday cage principle, which has been proven 183 years ago. In theory, this method should block all wireless signals: Wi-Fi, GPS and mobile. In addition, using a bag of potato chips as a Faraday cage is nothing new.


  • 4G mobile phone jammer creates a safe environment

    Is a portable mobile jammer to help you avoid all kinds of troubles? As you know, due to the development of mobile phone technology in the information age, people's lives have become increasingly busy.


  • GPS signal jammer adjusts working frequency

    You can choose the frequency type of the adjustable signal jammer, it will not run at any time. If necessary, you can block the signal bar with flexible control. Li-ion battery 7.4v/3600Ma/h battery can be used for a long time. Once the gps jammer is turned on, it can be charged. Life is very convenient.


  • Cell phone jammer sanctions cell phone signal

    Most lawyers believe that schools can at least ban the use of mobile phones under certain conditions and circumstances. However, this must be done within an appropriate framework. On the other hand, a ban that goes beyond this range and only prohibits the wearing of mobile phones is largely considered unacceptable.


  • Cell phone jammer prevents loud speaking

    According to the Karlsruhe Administrative Court's ruling, it is usually sufficient to carry a mobile phone with you so that the inspection can be classified as "unsatisfactory." If the inspection rules provide for such consequences for "unauthorized aids", they shall apply in any case.


  • Mobile jammers are prohibited devices by law

    Interference technology is not entirely new. Exporters of overseas mobile cell phone jammer said that the demand for jamming devices is increasing every day, sending more than 100 devices to U.S. federal inspectors every month, which arouses interest in the telephone industry.


  • The manufacture of mobile phone jammers is prohibited in the United States

    The Federal Communications Commission argued that people who use human cell phone jammer can be fined up to $11,000. The commission’s law enforcement agencies have prosecuted a handful of US companies convicted of supplying equipment, not just those using jammers.


  • Mobile jammers can’t ruin their lives

    CTIA, the Cellular Network Association, urges the Federal Communications Commission to make jammers illegal and continue to prosecute those who violate the law. About its rules. He argued that the application submitted was specifically at the request of the two companies that required the use of interfering devices in certain circumstances (such as in prisons).


  • Mobile phone jammer shields communication signals

    Gary said: “He was talking about the sexual abuse he suffered. When another participant’s cell phone rang, he continued to use the cell phone in a completely rude manner regardless of the woman’s sensitive issues. “People no longer understand etiquette. Now," Gary explained. "This is a pandemic. "


  • Mobile phone jammers can interrupt frequency band combinations

    Based on the intended purpose, you can determine whether a mobile phone jammer is the right choice. If you just want to block annoying or endless calls in public places, you only need to order a cell phone jammer to block GSM 3G signals.


  • Mobile phone jammer installed in the test center

    In recent years, with the emergence of cell phone questionnaires in the State Council’s X-level and XII-level examinations, the committee has planned to use cell phone jammer, especially in sensitive test centers. "In the subsequent twelfth type of State Council review, the final decision on the use of mobile phone jammers will only be made at the upcoming board meeting.


  • WiFi jammer can be used in different occasions

    I need your help and advice. My question is how to protect the WiFi network? Sometimes, my children will be addicted to the Internet and play online games. I can no longer control his behavior. I am trying to prevent him from using a personal computer. However, I discovered that my child will always be sneaking online. I even put the password on the WiFi. Change or cannot be stopped.


  • Mobile jammer is the most competitive product

    We divide mobile phone jammers into four types: mobile cell phone jammer, office mobile phone jammers, wall-mounted mobile phone jammers and car jammers. On our website, there are all kinds of cell phone jammers, from low output power (used in conference rooms) to ultra- (used in prisons and other military facilities).


  • Cell phone jammers stop unexpected noises

    With the widespread popularity of mobile phones, mobile cell phone jammer have also emerged, which can help people get rid of unexpected noise in mobile phones. Maybe we want to learn more about it. How does a mobile phone signal jammer work? This mobile phone jammer is portable, also known as an interference device, and provides the best final solution in areas where cellular communications are unpopular. It stopped the signal transmission between the mobile phone and the base station.


  • Several methods to choose high-quality mobile phone jammers

    However, if you want to use it in a theater center that can accommodate 10,000 seats, you need to purchase a large-capacity mobile jammer with a wide interference range.


  • Mobile phone jammer solves the problem of mobile phone abuse

    What is a Jammer phone and what phone can interfere? Have you ever heard the sudden sound of a mobile phone ringing during a concert? Or, when you watch a new Hollywood movie, someone pulls out their phone and speaks loudly? There is a sign on the gas station that says "No mobile phone", but some people still use their mobile phones to talk accidentally.


  • Mobile phone jammers can block multiple signals

    Cell phone jammers block the signal from cell towers, so all nearby cell phones will not show any services. However, once you turn off the jammer, all phones will resume the service. This allows us to easily stay away from noisy mobile phones.


  • Mobile phone jammers are the product of the development of the times

    Who do you spend the most time with? Your children, your parents? Your woman? wrong! This is a cell phone. You can easily find that you cannot turn on your phone for one second for a day or even an hour. We like cell phones, but you may not know that we also need cell phone jammer.


  • Mobile jammers can be used in the military

    Now we have a special mobile phone signal jammer: EO08007FR model 8-band adjustable mobile phone signal jammer. In this speed and speed company, sometimes it is not the best phone to call in many places, such as meeting rooms, courts and classrooms. , Because these places need peace and seriousness, so important information will not be leaked.


  • Cell phone jammers prevent endless conversations

    When there are too many noisy phones around, you may wonder what to do to make your location quiet. The answer is cell phone jammer. In many places, cell phones tend to be annoying. These types of venues include: libraries, churches, board meetings


  • Cell phone jammer interrupts the base station's signal

    Modern life is inseparable from mobile phones. But here comes the problem. Everyone uses their mobile phones everywhere every time, which can cause noise problems in some places where absolute silence is required. For example, in churches, we don’t want cell phone noise. In the concert, we don't want cell phone noise.


  • Mobile phone jammers improve driver attention

    I have a daughter who will get her license this week, and she is a great texter! I am very worried that she will send text messages while driving. Can I put a cell phone jammer in her car to stop her from texting while driving? In today's modern world full of electronic products, the safety of children is the most important thing we must care about.


  • Wireless signal can be shielded by wifi jammer

    I like to sit in a coffee shop and do different things on my laptop, from work to entertainment. But recently, I heard about the Firesheep plugin for Mosh Firefox, which allows malicious elements to invade your laptop via WiFi connection. Can I avoid it? Must use wifi jammer?


  • Cell phone jammers prevent surveillance and tracking

    Verint is a company that provides comprehensive surveillance and intelligence solutions for a wide range of government, military and commercial organizations.


  • Radio transmissions can be stopped using cell phone jammers

    I live on a main road and the sound of gangster rap is incredible. Some auto players may be MP3 players and certain radio frequencies. I live in the U.S. Virgin Islands, so I think we follow the U.S. agreement. I really hate other people's contemplation! ! ! So I wonder if it is possible to buy a mobile cell phone jammer to block it.


  • Mobile jammer prevents malicious programs

    I read about the security vulnerabilities of this tablet. As the owner of a tablet, I want to protect it from hackers. Is it really possible? In fact, the BlackBerry PlayBook has a security vulnerability that has been recently discovered by Ben Nell and Zach Lanier, two researchers from the Intrepidus Group.


  • WiFi jammer prevents wireless network intrusion

    Hello everyone! I mean, when these recently created cufflinks are connected to a PC or laptop, they can be used as a WiFi hotspot. They are indeed small, but the WiFi signals they generate can compromise the security of data stored on PCs or laptops, but there has been no similar situation in the rooms with wifi jammer.


  • wifi jammer to stop harassers

    They also installed some kind of noise-generating device in our home. The sound ranged from the knocking of the wall to the knocking of the windowpane. When we use the bathroom, it seems that they can see us in a certain way, that is, when they trigger these sounds in a certain way.


  • WiFi jammers can control electronic robots

    Recently, I watched a video about the iRobot 710 fighter, and I am worried that this thing might be used against me. Is there any way to stop outside my house? I guess you have watched iRobot 710 Warrior or similar videos. It is impossible to disagree that this technological miracle is indeed impressive and proves how advanced modern technology is.


  • Drone jammer blocks aerial cameras

    I know this thing is not cheap for people who want to compete with others, but just in case I want to know how to protect my house? Lehman Aviation has created the latest drones with various advantages and interesting features.


  • wifi jammer monitor smart robot

    Recently, I watched a video in which this small and fast robot was thrown into the house to conduct reconnaissance inside. How can I protect my house from such threats?