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Long Criminal Record Of Cell Phone Jammers

Nickerson James Nov 23, 2020 10:30

The Peugeot 3 008 is clearly popular in the African car market, and a network of small traffickers specializing in theft of this particular model has grasped this trend.

Robert Dawes did not waver after announcing his sentence on Friday night, but was appealed and sentenced to 22 years in prison and a customs fine of 30 million euros. The Paris Special Circuit ruled that the 48-year-old Briton was indeed the “sponsor” who imported 1.3 tons of cocaine into Paris in September 2013. Air France took off from Caracas and seized the drugs ten days later after an Ocrtis infiltration operation. Attorneys Thomas Bidnic and Georges Tsigaridis immediately announced their intention to appeal legal opinions.

Robert Dawes wore a gray T-shirt with the colors of Nottingham Forest, one of two football clubs in his hometown. "I am not an angel, but it has nothing to do with this case." He repeatedly questioned the judges, who inquired in detail about his profession and character. After refusing to answer during the investigation, Dawes succumbed to the chaotic childhood of his childhood in the run-down area of ​​Nottingham raised by his nursing mother and truck driver father. "I don't know if you have seen the movie Billy Elliott? I have the same blood." After leaving school at the age of 16, the youngest family in the family started working as a landscape gardener for his uncle. Detective training". He said: "I was listed in the private investigator's guide." He was referring to some one-off tasks, mainly monitoring unfaithful husbands or finding missing persons.

A "hobby" will explain the existence of two-frequency cell phone jammer found during the search of his Spanish villa. The president subsequently experienced a long criminal record. Until 1999, he had convicted 17 convictions, including the first committing theft for 11 years, but not once for drug trafficking. Dawes retorted: "All these crimes can be traced back more than two decades ago, and they can no longer even be brought in a British court." Dawes retorted. Dawes explained that he left England in 2000 to escape his bad company and settled on the Costa del Sol. "I've been there on holiday, it's a good place for the British." In Malaga, he will be engaged in the antique furniture trade and then become a "consultant". In real estate. An event will take him to Dubai, where he opened a laundromat for a luxury hotel and hired 40 employees until he was arrested for suspicious checks. The defendant said: "When I was arrested, I lost everything."

Returned to Spain in 2012. Robert Dawes continues to be closely watched by the British National Crime Agency, which has described him in many reports as "one of the European criminals capable of transporting astronomical figures." drug. In April 2013, the British agency warned that one ton of cocaine might be imported into Spain, and Guardia Civil launched an investigation into the company. It is against this background that the meeting with Colombia suspected of linking to the Cali Cartel was filmed and recorded in a hotel in Madrid on September 23, 2014 "My suitcase did 1200, you have seen the damn in the news Something! Dawes brags in the discussion. This is the biggest drug they have seized in Paris."

The video became the main evidence against Robert Dawes. The latter repeated in front of the judge that it was a simple "game." "Two months ago, I found a GPS tracker in my car. I knew I was tracked and my phone was tapped. This conversation was meaningless. I just want to know how the police will handle this information." The item did not convince the indictment. Attorney General Christophe Auger said: “This is not a game, but an'me'.” Although the original soundtrack could not be played correctly at the hearing, many of the problems with the recording pointed out by the lawyer were circumvented by the court. Up. "The Attorney General, the Circuit Court, and Mr. Dawes' lawyers have not heard of this conversation, and there is evidence that the author of the copy at the hearing is not himself. Thomas Bidnic said angrily.

This is another axis of Robert Dawes' defense. The seizure of Roissy will be the result of provocation by the Narcotics Bureau police. "While we are not sure whether Roissy has a welcome committee, we will not send 1.3 tons from point A to point B, and this welcome committee is Ocrtis, and no one from the other, Radiant Bidinik ( Bidnic) thunder. Without them, there would be no meaning. This is obvious." In the circuit court trial, all procedural flaws should be eliminated by the indictment, but the new content that has emerged since the disclosure is different from another The angle clarified the case. In early 2018, François Thierry, the former boss of Octis, therefore admitted that one of his main informants, Sophiane Hambli, had earned 40,000 for his role in the operation. Remuneration in Euros.

After asking for two months, Hambley clarified his mission to the investigating judge: "In 2013, Roissy imported cocaine, and I firmly believe that this is where I want to release the cocaine. In fact, this is a virtual Service. Because I don’t do this, it’s not to serve me, but to be false. In this example, I look a lot like someone who knows someone who works at the airport and who is about to transport drugs out, and Oktis Make everyone stop." At the request of the defense, Sophiane Hambli was called as a witness and did not appear in court.