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Mobile phone jammer is a kind of radio station

Perfectjammer 2021-01-10

cell phone jammer

The reporter also asked Mr. Zhao whether the mobile phone signal jammer would affect the lives of surrounding residents. Mr. Zhao said that he has not received reports from nearby residents about interference outside the school. The Radio Administration stated: "This is not possible." So can schools install cell phone jammer? The reporter consulted Cao Dan, director of the Hangzhou Radio Administration Bureau, on this issue. Director Cao made it clear that "this is not possible."

"cell phone jammers are a type of radio station. Except for radio stations with a small range of influence, such as mobile communication terminals and home WIFI transmitters, which do not require approval, all other radio stations are subject to approval because they involve the use of frequencies. Director Cao explained, "But so far, we have not approved any school within Hangzhou to use signal jammers."

At the scene, the reporter discovered that the Silver Lake Experimental School is just over one kilometer away from Shijiayuan Garden. Is the coverage area of ​​the signal jammer so wide? In this regard, Director Cao said that it is necessary to determine how large the coverage area is based on specific parameters such as the power and bandwidth of the mobile phone signal jammer. Because there is no signal jammer installed by the school, the specific coverage area cannot be determined for the time being.

So if users feel that the signal is affected, how should they react? Director Cao said that under normal circumstances, users can report the situation to the frequency-using company, and the mobile phone signals are generally related to major mobile operators. The company will report this situation to the management department, and the management department will communicate with the school. “In fact, the school installed cell phone jammers to prevent students from using mobile phones. We have encountered it before. After communicating with the school, the school cooperated and actively stopped the use of cell phone jammers.” Cao Dan said.

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