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Cell phone jammers are used to monitor various activities

Perfectjammer 2021/05/06

Since almost all communications are conducted over the air, it is easy for us to understand those who believe in conspiracy theories, which track us and can monitor all calls. The fact is, whether it is happening or not, this is certainly possible, thanks to the increasingly advanced technology known as IMSI-catchers. Whether in the hands of "good guys" or "bad guys," IMSI catchers are usually deployed cautiously (advertising to the world that you are trying to "monitor their phones" is useless) or the cooperation of cellular operators. Therefore, significant progress has been made in how to hide and transport them and how to operate them with little or no human intervention. Of course, usually the larger they are, the stronger the signal and the larger the detection range. More complex models are able to monitor various active cell phone jammer devices and target specific IMEI/IMSI numbers.

Undoubtedly, this is an evolving threat that requires reliable and effective solutions. Based on 20 years of experience in the RF market, Petah Tikva of Israel-based Phantom Technologies has developed many anti-drone solutions to mitigate drone threats. All solutions have been tested in combat activities of military units and police forces around the world. Phantom is a leader in developing the most advanced interference technology in the RF field. The company provides interference technology for all RF-based communications, including cellular, Wi-Fi, tactical communications, and satellite phones. In addition, the product range includes internally developed digital receivers for conditional interference systems, anti-monitoring and SIGINT applications. The company develops and manufactures various forms of systems. From small components to large cell phone jammers, and fully equipped portable phone jammer models for mobile or fixed locations, high-quality service and customer satisfaction can be provided throughout the process.