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gps jammer are playing an increasingly important position in modern warfare. In people's initial ideas for fighting the sixth-generation aircraft, the most frequently mentioned one is unmanned, which is what we call artificial intelligence to control the fighter. Today, the US Air Force has once again disclosed a disruptive technology that will most likely make the war of artificial intelligence a reality, so we need a good gps jammer store to ensure quality issues.

This is an experiment that was carried out as early as the end of last year. It was the first experiment of the US Air Force's "Golden Horde" program, but it was not officially announced until recently. The plan aims to develop an artificial intelligence drive system that connects various precise types of weapons and ammunition to form a complete "fighter formation" similar to modern warfare for future warfare.

This experiment is just the first step in this long-term plan, which is mainly to combine drone swarm technology with small-diameter bombs to attack targets.

Performing this mission is an F-16 Viper fighter jet at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. In the experiment, after this Viper fighter launched two GUB-53 small-diameter bombs modified with the "Golden Horde" system, the two bombs did not fly out directly as usual, but passed the "Golden Horde" system. The Horde system established communication with each other, coordinated and actively discovered nearby GPS jammers. It is worth noting that, according to the previously preset rules of engagement, GPS jammers are not the primary target of attack. Therefore, the two bombs did not launch an attack on them, but identified two other higher priority targets and initiated attacks on their own initiative.

However, the results of this test are not perfect. Because after the first bomb had hit the highest priority target, the second bomb was not unlocked and still attacked the previously locked target.

From this point of view, the so-called "Golden Horde" system is that the bomb passes the target priority set in advance, after launching, actively seeks the target and launches an attack, instead of requiring fighter pilots to manually lock the target as usual. According to the plan disclosed by the US Air Force, in the next test, the number of bombs involved in the attack will reach 4. Obviously, once this plan is finally completed, it will greatly improve the operational efficiency of precision-guided bombs in combat.

In this regard, researcher Zhu Qichao of the National University of Defense Technology commented that this attack method can not only reduce casualties, but also greatly reduce combat costs. Therefore, it is also regarded by the US military as a technology that can subvert the rules of modern war. This also taught us a lesson. In the future, our small-diameter bombs can also use this technology.

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