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Device To Block Cell Phone Radiation

Litosch Evan 2022-02-16

Looking at the news on my mobile phone recently, I can see that there is a machine called exam Device To Block Cell Phone Radiation that has appeared frequently in colleges and universities, and their shadows can be seen in every exam room. What exactly are they? Factory cell phone jammer , In fact, this is a shielding machine that can block the communication network signal. It is the best way to prepare for the exam and to counter and prevent candidates from cheating with electronic products in the exam room. This is also to allow candidates to take the test in a fair and authoritative examination room that can maintain the normal order of the examination room, so that the candidates' results are more authentic.

It's just that the shielding effect of exam Device To Block Cell Phone Radiation is limited in scope, generally within a radius of 0 to 50 meters, and the area is about 250 square meters. Within this range, it can be guaranteed to block the communication network. Signal and WIFI signal, but when installing the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room, pay attention to avoid covering it with metal objects, because this will seriously affect its shielding effect, and because the shielding effect will increase as it passes through the wall. The amplitude is reduced. It is best to ensure that it is in an open area when using it, so as to ensure that the effect of the shielding device is maximized. If you feel that the low power is not suitable, you can also choose a higher power. In fact, colleges and universities have high requirements for test signal jammers for such high-tech machines and equipment. If you want to choose high-performance machines, please come to our website for consultation on the price of signal jammers. Here you can Provide cost-effective professional equipment, with many years of rich experience in manufacturing, product quality is guaranteed, welcome to purchase strategic cooperation.