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What Is The General Shielding Range Of WIFI Jammers?

Al Alvaro Nov 03, 2020 10:30

6-channel car capture GPS positioning jammer 2 3 4G network signal jammer wifi jammer uses boutique 6-channel radio signal jammer, according to the actual situation of high-tech products developed by foreigners, using foreign advanced technology, our factory mobile communication standards development , It can be 1-25 meters (radius about 10-300 square, with portable deterrent, with the required characteristic shielding range) GSM / CDMA / AMPS / DCS / PHS / 3G / 4G (WCDMA, TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000 ) Mobile radio signal shielding, you can disable and adjust various types of wireless communication devices according to the radio wave protection of other electronic devices. It will not interfere with the work of the equipment, ensure the safety of the place where it is needed, and keep the wireless signal equipment away from the partition.

Portable deterrent devices can prevent antenna mining errors only when the correct antenna can be inserted. (Note: If the antenna is not installed to turn on the power switch, the machine may be damaged.) *Easy to operate, can automatically execute the power Bluetooth deterrent device slow start circuit design effectively avoid the ignition phenomenon when starting *Imported high-performance integrated circuits and patches Parts, imported automatic placement and reflow processing, assembly line production, quality, performance and stability, maintenance rate is less than 2% utilization rate. Applicable places All tests are equipped with dedicated WiFi jammer preventive measures. Keep away corrosive gases and liquids, avoid dust and moisture, so as not to accelerate the aging of internal equipment components.