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gps blocking device puts the signal in chaos

Perfectjammer 2021-01-16

GPS Blocking Device

At present, the control of UAVs mostly uses radio communication technology. By transmitting high-power interference signals to the target UAVs and suppressing the control signals, the UAVs can be forced to land or return by themselves. The United States has used this principle. This gun installs an electronic gps jammer on the frame of the rifle. Once the trigger is pulled, the gps blocking device will transmit a full-band jamming signal to the UAV, so that the UAV is out of the control of the operator and cannot receive control. Signal and land automatically on the ground. Once the UAV’s signal is in a state of confusion, it usually has 3 options: drop to the ground, return to the operator or descend smoothly. The effective range of this rifle reaches 500-2000 meters.

GPS spoofing

At present, under normal circumstances, most consumer drones prefer GPS navigation for flight control, while civil GPS signals are unencrypted, which leaves usable space. The main principle of the GPS jammer is to send false geographic coordinates to the UAV's control system to control the navigation system and induce the UAV to fly to the wrong place. The gps blocking device can be generated by a generator, or it can be recorded and replayed in advance. Since the GPS signal received by the drone is always based on the signal source with the strongest signal, as long as the strength of the artificial GPS signal on the ground is strong enough, it can cover the real GPS signal from space, thereby deceiving the drone. GPS receiver module.

Currently, various countries have set up no-fly zones in the core areas. Many drone manufacturers have set them in the drone's built-in firmware. In the no-fly zone, the drone cannot take off, even if it reaches the no-fly zone. Automatic landing. Therefore, as long as the artificial GPS signal on the ground simulates the geographic location as the coordinates of the no-fly zone, it can force the drone to land by itself.

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