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best gps jammer can cause damage and danger

Perfectjammer 2021-01-15

Best GPS Jammer

As 5G systems enter the frequencies used by GPS, interference may become more widespread. People often ask: Can someone use a spoofer to control the time and location of a GPS receiver? The answer is: yes! The key problem is that civilian GPS signals are completely open, they are not encrypted, not verified, they are completely open, and they have no resistance to deceptive attacks.

We cannot condone GPS interference and deception in this way, but in the absence of effective restraints and methods, we can protect ourselves from infringements through certain technologies.

The obvious way to determine whether spoofing is occurring is to determine where the received signal comes from. If it turns out that it was sent from nearby to the receiver, rather than sent out from the atmosphere, then we can be sure that the receiver was deceived. Fortunately, spectrum monitoring can detect and locate the location of gps jammer, and can use anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technologies to preemptively attack. This not only can detect the deception, but knowing the location of the deceiver can take steps to shut it down at the source.

Just like the spectrum monitoring implemented by the research team in the London event, the best gps jammer can be detected and positioned through a mobile direction finding system. Spectrum analysis to determine the duration and signal type of the interference can also be used to indicate whether the interference is accidental or intentional. Those who have accidentally interfered can then be warned, and malicious attackers can be prosecuted. This can quickly resolve the damage and danger caused by GPS interference and play a preventive and deterrent effect.

A few days ago, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology successfully handled a case of illegal use of GPS jammers to interfere with the civil aviation radio positioning system, and timely eliminated major hidden dangers that endangered civil aviation flight safety.

Recently, in the area north of Qingzhou Navigation Station and near Wuyishan Airport in Fujian Province, GPS receivers on civil aviation aircraft have not received GPS signals, affecting the safe operation of flights. In order to ensure the safety of civil aviation flight, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology organized the provincial monitoring station and the Nanping Radio Administration to carry out interference investigation. After three days of continuous testing and investigation, law enforcement officers seized a set of best gps jammer in use at the Xinxing Pig Breeding Farm in Xudun Town, Jian'ou City. After the interference device was removed, the aircraft GPS signal returned to normal. At present, the Nanping Radio Administration Bureau has filed a case for this illegal act and disseminated relevant laws and regulations to the parties concerned.

In order to prevent such incidents from recurring, the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology will deploy GPS frequency band monitoring and protection work throughout the province, promptly investigate and punish illegal installations and use of various types of radio jammers, and ensure the safe use of aviation radio frequencies.

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