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GPS jammer blocks signals and refuses to steal cars

Corbin Troy V. October 03, 2020 10:30

I have seen a lot of vicious mortgage car purchase incidents in the mortgage car industry. Because of a small GPS, the user’s car purchase money has been squandered in vain; then the GPS of the mortgage car is not cleared, there will be What kind of risk?

Risk 1: Stealing the car? Generally, a mortgage car belongs to one car with multiple mortgages. The original car owner, bank, and financial company all directly or indirectly own the property rights of the mortgage car, and the owner of the mortgage car purchases the mortgage car through practitioners or institutions in this industry. One of the risks is that the original car owner may find the location of the car through positioning or other means, and "steal" the car, thereby causing the buyer's loss.

Risk 2: Looking for a car? The vehicle is processed during the mortgage period, and the bank or financial company that owns the vehicle will use a professional car-finding "team" to retrieve the car through a nationwide network, so that the agency "team" will also receive a commission. However, in this industry, people don't like to do the hard work of finding a car, because this process not only involves various dangers, but also consumes all kinds of energy.

Risk three: fairy jump? There is also a risk, which is the "fairy jump" in the mortgage car industry. You are right. Because mortgage cars are cheap, there are a lot of followers, and some people start the idea of ​​mortgage car fraud. They will use GPS to find you and grab the car back soon after driving out! Therefore, many people are desperately running (150+ per hour) after purchasing a mortgage car. According to the industry, at least the car must be driven to the inter-provincial junction before it can be considered safe. Therefore, it is not difficult to see why it is said in many news that some vehicles are going retrograde at high speed.

Many people ask: What should I do, is it really impossible to buy a mortgage car? Not afraid! Xiaobian first give you some tips to clear GPS skills!

Solution 1: Search the car directly (strong magnetic installation-free type). It is well known that in order to avoid the GPS locator being found, people will find ways to install or place the GPS locator in some relatively hidden locations, such as near the front and rear bumpers, left and right The interior of the car door, etc., but this also makes these so-called hidden positions actually known as secret positions. Therefore, to find out the GPS locator installed maliciously, you can search for these locations. 1. At the top car lights above the front windshield; 2. Hidden places in the decorative panel below the front windshield; 3. Hidden places around the front dashboard; 4. In the door partition; 5. Decorations under the rear windshield Under the board; 6. Inside the front bumper, pay attention to waterproofing; 7. Under the wiper board.

Solution 2: Follow the vine and check the line (wired type). Most GPS trackers on the market are still wired type, and need to be connected to the car power cord to provide power. Therefore, if you want to find out the car GPS tracker installed by someone, go It is also a good way to search slowly along the power cord of the car. But this requires more professional personnel, otherwise you may not even know where the power cord is. It is not recommended that the car owner find it by himself. It is best to check the line at the car repair station, otherwise the car line may be damaged, and the gain will not be worth the loss.

Solution 3: Check the OBD interface (OBD interface type). In addition to automobile fault diagnosis and abnormal detection, many OBD devices also have functions such as positioning and driving records. Such devices can be used when plugged into the OBD interface. When looking for it, please pay attention to check the OBD interface. This is very simple. There are generally several positions of the OBD interface: A, located at the lower left corner of the steering wheel (the most common); B, located at the lower right corner of the steering wheel; C, located at the central control Near the igniter below the table; D. Located in the central armrest box.

Solution 4: GPS signal detector (universal). We know that GPS locator, like mobile phone, needs to install SIM card to receive and send information, so car GPS locator has a certain frequency, which can be carried out by GPS signal detector monitor. The owner of the car goes to the electronic market to buy a device for tracing mobile phone signals, take this thing and search around in your car, and you will soon be able to find the installation location! Speaking of signal detection, I can teach you a little trick. Start the car, then use the mobile radio, turn on the radio, find a channel with the clearest voice, and move around in the car. If the radio moves to a certain place, there is abnormal noise. YES! It's it in all likelihood, is it simple, practical, and cost-saving?

Solution five: gps blocker shields the signal (general) If you still haven't found it after using the above methods, I will teach you the simplest and rude method. Search for a GPS jammer (or jammer) on a treasure, and install it on the car after purchase, then the entire car will be in the signal shielded interference range, and there is no need to worry about the car being tracked by bad people. However, this also has its drawbacks. Signal interference shielding will also shield the mobile phone signal, which is very impractical, and it is not a cure for the symptoms. The GPS locator is always in your car. You must always keep the jammer device on. Too desirable.

Of course, if you encounter GPS on the steering wheel, rearview mirror, spare tire, battery, ceiling, seat, fuel tank...; even cut the girder and put the GPS in. Weld the girder and leave a few small holes to avoid no signal and other extraordinary means, then you can only "dismantle"! The BQS-GD01 GPS positioning detector is the latest GPS positioning detection equipment developed by Shenzhou Mingda Company, which can accurately capture and locate CDMA signals and other 2G/3G/4G signals of the entire network. It is also a multi-channel data transmission detector. It will be the most reliable GPS locator detection tool in the hands of engineers or anti-monitoring experts to detect various locators, eavesdroppers, and candid video equipment, such as CDMA, GSM, DCS and other new audio-visual equipment.