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Mobile Phone Jammer Makes GSM Products Unusable

Walther Ronny Nov 22, 2020 10:30

Internet outages happen frequently. If the user is not necessarily aware of this due to the duration of several milliseconds, it may affect the connected objects in the house, many of which are already connected to Wi-Fi. This is why Leroy Merlin's IoT and Enki manager Pierre-Yves Hadengue wanted to integrate the LoRaWAN network when he designed the Enki box four years ago, which is specifically designed to connect household objects. The decision made by the operator Free for its smart home products on the Sigfox network was released at the end of 2018.

Bernardo Cabrera, director of Bouygues Telecom's IoT brand Objenious, assured that the main advantage of using the LPWAN network as a backup for home automation products is to "ensure service continuity for critical applications." As a result, issuers can respond faster in the event of a failure and track technical information about their devices, such as firmware versions or errors.

This is the company that prompted the Swedish company Verisure to specialize in security alarms to integrate low-speed technology into its products in addition to using the GSM network. The latter chose Sigfox network because of its anti-interference ability. "The anti-theft device uses mobile cell phone jammer to make GSM products unusable. Our technology can detect these interference attempts by observing the frequency band," explained Patrick Cason, director of Sigfox in France. This feature was originally developed five years ago to equip more than 1 million alarm panels with the Spanish market, and the feature has now been extended to all markets of the company. "The IoT sensor can collect energy without a battery, ensuring that it can be operated under any circumstances," Patrick Cason emphasized.

Specifically, the low-speed network is only activated when the electrical signal is lost or the subject's SIM card is disconnected. Patrick Cason pointed out: “The Sigfox network observes what happens on the frequency band. Once an abnormality is found, it will send an alert. For the Enki home automation box, connect the LoRaWAN module to the device to be in the Switch to the network immediately and send an alert to the user. This feature guarantees that messages are sent from the connected object, such as in the case of intrusion into a security device. Pierre-Yves Hadengue assured that: “For security and home care applications, this is a A crucial choice, you must ensure that the information can be delivered correctly. Pierre-Yves Hadengue hopes to include this option in the Enki product. It will democratize the use of backups at no additional cost.

For Pierre-Yves Hadengue, the potential of using LPWAN networks for backup is huge. He added: “This is certainly not a strategic market because it does not represent a large number of connections, but it is essential in terms of customer experience.” Leroy Merlin has chosen Actility to manage "Backup" the connection to the existing low-speed network, which is part of its Enki box. Cellular networks are too expensive for this option. Laurent Vieilledent, head of Orange’s connected object technology expert team, said that low-speed networks may be developed in the future: "We are studying ways to integrate networks into smart home products. Members of the LoRa Alliance."