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gps signal jamming device has a devastating blow to signal

Perfectjammer 2021-01-17

GPS Signal Jamming Device

The “Golden Horde” project is currently one of the three major pioneering plans of the US Air Force (the other two are the navigation satellite NTS-3 and the intelligent drone Skyborg). It was selected in 2019. The purpose of the project is to create An intelligent weapon system that can be applied to existing aviation ammunition. It can add a set of integrated systems that can collaborate, intelligently judge and analyze battlefields for airborne weapons at a low transformation cost. Through data sharing, artificial intelligence, and network Technical means such as integrated communication gps jammer to improve the strike accuracy and damage cost ratio of aviation weapons.

Simply put, it is to let the launched missiles judge and analyze the targets by themselves. The standard is to sort them according to the priority of the battlefield target. Each missile uploads the data detected on its own route through network cooperation. Comprehensively determine the importance of the target. The operation mode is based on groups, with at least two or more ammunition, which can deal with emergencies on the battlefield more efficiently. In other words, the project developed by Lao Mei is to allow the ammunition carried by the fighter to "think and cooperate" by itself, which is similar to the "smart ammunition" we often call.

In the traditional sense, there are only a few missiles carried by fighters or bombers, such as air, ground, and ship. The guidance methods include inertial, homing, remote control, terrain matching, laser, and composite. The accuracy of the strike depends on which guidance method is used. The best result is that the missile flies directly to the target that the pilot has aimed at in advance. But the "golden tribe" may liberate the driver, because according to the characteristics of this ammunition, the driver only needs to give a basic direction, and the rest can be safely handed over to these smart ammunition to solve it by themselves. They will be installed with pre-set target level programs before the fighters perform missions. During the flight, they will constantly adjust their flight trajectories based on information received from the outside world. Through network communications, several missiles will "fly and discuss". How to use the warhead you carry to achieve the greatest results.

It seems that every such missile has become a drone that can fly autonomously, but this is the result the Air Force wants, using the least ammunition to achieve the greatest effect.

There are currently two types of equipment being promoted in the project, namely the cooperative small diameter bomb (CSDB) and the cooperative miniature airdrop decoy (CMALD). CSDB is the aforementioned "smart munitions", while CMALD explores the way for "smart munitions". It collects a wave of enemy fire deployment information by releasing decoys in advance. The data is sent back through the network. CSDB can do it before launch Perform a calibration to increase the probability of task completion.

The project has been tested for the first time in December last year. The project team used F-16 fighter jets to launch two CSDBs. The developer said: The two missiles under test quickly established communication after launching. One of the missiles A GPS jammer set up to disrupt the missile was discovered. According to the test plan, this GPS jammer was not the main target, so CSDB judged that it was not the highest priority target according to the pre-installed target level program, and did not launch the final attack. Because the missile used by the CSDB in this test was not equipped with a navigation device to control the missile's flight, only the highest priority target was hit on the data.

According to the statement of the Air Force laboratory personnel, the CSDB used in the test is not a newly developed ammunition. It is modified on the basis of GBU-39B. The main additional equipment includes a data searcher for collecting battlefield information and a A wireless system for communication with other weapons and a processor with pre-installed cooperative algorithms. When the future technology matures, the data generated by the processor will be transmitted to the navigation system used to control the flight of the missile, and the development of this type of weapon will be completed.

Of course, the GBU-39B is just the beginning. The Air Force said that more ammunition will be given this capability in the future, so as to maintain the technological advantage of the United States over other countries.

As the development of the sixth-generation fighter enters a critical moment, matching ammunition is also being followed up, and the "Golden Tribe" project is probably born for this. On the one hand, the project solves the current problem of ammunition strike accuracy, on the other hand, it can also allow the sixth-generation fighter to carry more advanced equipment without reducing combat power.

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