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The school’s installation of cell phone jammers affected the lives of surrounding residents

Perfectjammer 2021-01-11

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Nowadays, smart phones have long been a must-have item for personal life, and even in many primary and middle school student groups, there are not a few people who have mobile phones. However, how to control the use of mobile phones by students, and how to establish a balance between learning and entertainment, seems to have always been a difficult problem facing parents and schools. The Yinhu Experimental School in Fuyang District used a "new solution": a cell phone jammer was installed on the campus and turned on regularly every night to prevent students from playing mobile phones at night.

However, in the past two days, some residents living in Shijiayuan Garden in Fuyang reported that their mobile phone signals are often unstable when they use them at home, which is suspected to be related to the school's mobile phone signal jammer. Aunt Shi, who lives in the three buildings in the South District of Shijiayuan Garden, said that she had just moved into the community for more than half a month. "Usually we don’t use mobile phones very frequently at home. It’s just that when we’re at home in the first two nights, the guests complained that the mobile phone signal was poor, 4G changed to 2G, and the phone could not be made. I know why."

Manager He, the property manager of Shijiayuan Huayuan Community, told reporters that the community started to hand over houses at the beginning of this year, and there are currently 74 residents living in the community. "In normal management, we have not received any residents reporting the problem of poor mobile phone signal." Then, are there any other community residents who have reported abnormal signals? Is there serious interference from cell phone jammers in the area? If the signal shielding device does have an impact on the communication frequency, will the mobile company have further measures next?

The reporter also contacted Hangzhou Mobile for these questions, and the staff said that they will find out about the situation and give further answers after all departments are at work on Monday. School response: The mobile phone jammer is currently used normally at night. After that, the reporter came to Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental School. The campus has a beautiful environment and new facilities. The school security told reporters that because it was Sunday, the school did not go to school normally.

The reporter contacted Mr. Zhao, director of the Audio-visual Education Center of Hangzhou Yinhu Experimental Middle School. Teacher Zhao said that the school’s mobile phone signal jammer has been installed for a period of time, mainly to prevent school students from playing with mobile phones at night. "The shielding instrument is activated between 10 o'clock in the evening and 4 o'clock in the morning the next day, and is currently in normal use."

As for the installation of mobile phone signal jammers, do I need to file with the local radio management department? Teacher Zhao said that the school was not responsible for the installation of this set of equipment, so the specific process is not clear. It is recommended that the reporter consult the local radio management department.

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