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Security work uses large signal jammers to maintain order

Clarendon Campbell Dec 28, 2020 10:30

In this year’s Youth Olympic security, Nanjing Metro Police specially introduced two new security weapons, which are signal jammers and mobile X-ray machines.

   cell phone jammer

   The signal jammer is shaped like a suitcase, with two long poles standing on its black body.

   According to the police, once this jammer is turned on, all cell phone signals and wireless signals within 50 meters will be blocked. "This is to prevent criminals from using remote control to detonate. Once the instrument is turned on, all signals are gone, and criminals can be prevented from remotely detonating explosive bombs," the police said.

Mobile X-ray machine

   This instrument consists of three parts: an instrument similar to a searchlight, a rectangular image collector, and a laptop connected to the first two.

   The police conducted a demonstration. They placed the package in front of the image collector, pointed it at the package and turned on the searchlighting instrument. At this time, the image of the contents of the package was displayed on the laptop.

According to the police, once there are suspicious dangerous goods, the mobile X-ray machine will sound an alarm, and the contents of the bag can be clearly seen on the computer screen. "In the past, X-ray detection was fixed. A portable instrument is much more convenient."