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Is The Refrigerator A Cell Phone Jammer?

Bishel Richard Nov 01, 2020 09:30

We heard about cell phones blocking the refrigerator at Perfectjammer.com. The situation is strange, but it is entirely possible. First, we will remind readers of this situation. The problem lies in Australia, where Telestra is one of the major mobile operators. They received many reports of poor reception and went there to investigate. Telestra attaches great importance to such reports, and if the number of these reports exceeds the limit, they will dispatch engineering teams.

The source of interference was found-it was an old refrigerator. We can tell you that it can be used as a mobile cell phone jammer. You know that any sufficient power surge will generate RF noise, which will prevent data transmission on the 850 MHz frequency. In our case, the refrigerator engine is the source of interference. Interference from mobile phones is possible because the transmitter of the mobile phone has a capacity of only 0.25-0.5W. Of course, a 1000W electric engine will be able to generate the necessary frequency conflicts to prevent these conflicts. But trying to do this at home can be dangerous, because it can cause a short circuit and cause a fire. Therefore, if you need to block mobile communications, it will be easier to get a decent cell phone signal jammer.