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The jammer shields all signals within a certain range

Hamilton Ryan C. October 03, 2020 10:30

Now more and more people are using car GPS positioning anti-theft device. It is common for companies or private cars to install GPS. Installing a GPS positioning anti-theft device on the car can enable the company or car owner to quickly use the GPS monitoring platform. Find your own car. But some criminals have found flaws. In credit, leasing and other companies, because some criminals want to fail to repay the debt, they cheat cars and loans. I tried my best to purchase detectors through some channels to avoid the company's inquiry and cause the company's property damage. Some criminals used detectors when stealing a car and stole the car. There was no signal on the car, and the car went offline on the platform. There was no way to track the car and only wait for the help of the police. GPS signals are the same as cell phone signals and are easily interfered by electronic devices. gps blocker can shield all signals within a certain range, causing all communication devices in the range to lose their signals. Without the communication signal, there will be no ultra-new data upload on the GPS monitoring platform. Unable to query vehicle location. As a result, auto loan companies are unable to accurately grasp the whereabouts of loan vehicles in time, and control vehicles bring bad debts and cause great risks. The personal property was also lost as a result.

So is there an anti-detection GPS positioning anti-theft device?

The answer is yes. If the auto finance company is still using ordinary GPS to locate the anti-theft device, it is OUT. This matter has been rumored for a long time in the circle. If you haven't encountered it yet, you can only say that all you have met are conscientious customers. Don't be afraid of ten thousand, just in case.
The long standby GPS positioning anti-theft device launched by Conkeys has only one wake-up time per day. After waking up, it immediately returns the positioning information of the car to the owner's mobile phone platform and then enters the dormant state. In the dormant state, it does not A little signal, it is absolutely impossible to detect it! In addition, the most important point is that when the terminal detects a fake base station, it will refuse to connect and prevent detection. In addition, it is wireless installation-free, and there is no wiring on the surface of the device. It can be placed anywhere in the car (be careful not to place it in a place where the signal is blocked). This is very concealed and safe.

The detector can indeed shield GPS signals, but it has drawbacks. It will shield all signals on the car! If you are going to dismantle the GPS jammer equipment, it is impossible to use mobile phones and other communication equipment around the car. If he cannot find out and destroy the GPS equipment, he can only open the jammer forever. If he uses a signal detector to Don’t be afraid to find GPS, as long as you choose the right device, it will not be able to detect it! With such a small device, it is very difficult to find out on the whole car, unless he takes the car completely apart.