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Does GSM Phone Really Block Communication In A Cell?

Dorney Robin Nov 09, 2020 10:30

Is it true that the guys at the Technical University of Berlin can block all mobile communications in a cell with an old GSM phone jammer? As far as I know, they have updated the firmware of the phone in some way to prevent phone calls. Is it possible and feasible, or is it just fake?

We have also heard of this research at perfectjammer.com. What happens when you receive a call or text message? Your base station receives it first, and then looks for devices that must receive it. It just sends the query to all connected phones, and they must answer. When the station receives a positive reply, it will redirect the call or SMS. But using the smartphone vulnerability, we can stop the process by simply answering "yes" to all queries sent by the base station.

This is how a simple GSM cell phone may start to act as acell phone jammer. There is no update yet, whether the hacker program can be used to intercept calls and messages, but it is technically possible. These researchers also calculated that to create a powerful DDoS attack in German, they only need 11 "updated" mobile phones, enough to block communications throughout the country.