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Make Simple Cell Phone Jammer

Artander Lone 2021-09-24

With the popularization of 4G communication mobile phones, many on the market do not have the function of shielding 4G Make Simple Cell Phone Jammer are facing elimination. This will cause heavy losses to old customers. In order to thank our old customers for their support to Dixun in recent years, our company is launching a trade-in activity! The old equipment can be replaced with the latest equipment that can shield 4G signals. For education bureaus, recruitment agencies, schools and other large-volume purchase units, special preferential policies are adopted to recycle old equipment, regardless of whether it is good or bad. The old equipment is discounted to offset the new equipment. Just make up the difference! For other units purchased in small quantities, cell phone jammer You can also trade-in. But need to bear other expenses incurred, such as freight, depreciation and so on.

During the exam, the public security department will closely monitor the vicinity of the exam site to prevent the use of high-tech means to cheat the college entrance examination. All test centers and test rooms in the province will continue to increase the investment and use of "technical defense", focusing on combating the use of radio equipment, collusion and cheating inside and outside the test room, and organized gang fraud; preventing and combating the spread of suspected leaks or spreading through the Internet and mobile phones before the test. Fraudulent information and illegal sales of cheating tools. All test centers and test rooms in the province use Make Simple Cell Phone Jammer , and the surveillance video system is used to monitor and record the entire test process.