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Can GPS Jammers Really Block Trackers?

Castt David Nov 07, 2020 10:30

My friend recommended this website to me because there are some jamming equipment experts and I have a similar problem. A few days ago, I found a GPS tracker under the car, but the problem is that I have a GPS signal jammer. Can I track my location using this jammer? It's great to hear people recommend our Perfectjammer.com store to their friends. Of course, we will try our best to help you solve the tracking problem. First of all, you should know that stalking people is illegal, and the person who installed the device under your car may be a criminal. Of course, if he or she doesn’t need any arrest warrant and they are not from the police or a federal investigation Bureau. We have very little experience with illegal tracking issues, and there are several ways to track your location with the GPS jammer turned on.

First of all, you should know that GPS is not the only option for calculating someone’s location. Those tracking devices can also use GLONASS, which is a Russian analog of GPS. The only difference is that they use different frequencies and cannot be blocked with simple GPS jamming devices. Similarly, cell tower triangulation can be used. This technology is used to track your original position between the three nearest GSM base stations. So, as you can see-even if the GPS jammer works, it can be tracked. But there are several ways to avoid this situation. First, you will need a universal GSM, GPS, GLONASS signal jammer, which will block all possible tracking methods, another option is to check your car from time to time to make sure there is no tracker under it!