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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

The heat dissipation function of the mobile phone jammer is very important

Beattie Morgan December 28, 2020 12:30

Metal has the properties of a mobile phone jammer, and there are many metal cabinets in public places. You cannot bring your mobile phone when you go swimming or bathing. For safety reasons, your mobile phone is usually locked in a tin cabinet. If a friend calls you during this period, no matter how you call, you will not be able to get through because there is no signal. The network box is also a metal cabinet, which also has a certain signal shielding function, but there are many cooling holes on the body of the cabinet. These cooling holes have the function of heat dissipation and signal transmission. Therefore, in many homes with mobile cell phone jammer, the outer box is usually opened.

It will not be blocked, but it will have an impact. Generally, the lid of the box has an opening, and the signal can still come out, but there will be a shielding effect, which will cause some not far from the router but no signal. In addition, the signal strength will attenuate as if passing through a wall. My method is to remove the cover, and then hang the machine a little outside to enhance heat dissipation. Buy a beautified box with a weak current box for decoration. The box is generally wood or hard foam will not affect the signal. I bought hollow ones, mainly for heat dissipation. Therefore, when buying a mobile phone jammer, you can refer to its heat dissipation function, which will save the life of the jammer.

For the beauty of the overall decoration of the room, the wireless router is often placed in the network box to avoid the influence caused by the wiring. However, from the perspective of performance, it is not recommended to place the wireless router in the network box; placing the router in the network box will affect the router's wireless signal, equipment heat dissipation, and malfunction. Let’s take a look at the impact. The influence of wireless signal: the penetration loss of metal is about 23%, which will have a great impact on the wireless signal; the multimedia case is generally placed in the corner of the room, not in the central area, which will inevitably lead to a blind area of ​​wireless coverage; if the bandwidth is larger The 5G frequency band will seriously affect the signal penetration ability. Heat dissipation performance: The network box is a closed space, and the internal airflow cannot circulate; the router generates heat during use, which accumulates inside and cannot diffuse effectively. Troubleshooting: The router is located in the network box, and it is impossible to quickly determine the faulty node; for example, the status of the indicator light of the router, and quick restart of the router.