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Mobile phone jammer prevents loss of electronic property

Clark Allan December 29, 2020 12:30

The mobile phone signal changed from 4G to 2G, and the money in the bank account was looted? This may be criminals committing crimes maliciously through SMS sniffing technology, intercepting users' SMS verification codes from banks, third-party payment platforms and mobile operators, and taking the opportunity to steal bank cards or subscribe to mobile phone value-added services, causing direct property losses to users. If there was a cell phone jammer at the time, it might not have happened.

Recently, Tencent Mobile Manager and Tencent Security Joint Laboratory Mobile Security Laboratory released the "2018 Third Quarter Mobile Security Report" (hereinafter referred to as the "Report"), which analyzes current Trojan horse viruses, harassment, fraudulent calls and SMS, malicious websites, and risk WiFi For example, in the third quarter, the number of harassing phone calls and short messages was marked as many as 1.27 million per day, and Trojan horses became concealed. The report data pointed out that the current mobile terminal risk situation is still severe, and users need to take strict precautions.

   Aspect 1: The number of harassing call SMS tags has increased, with an average of 1.27 million harassing phone tags per day

   I believe that many users have used this experience: after shopping online, they will always receive various promotional information sent by merchants from time to time. These spam messages are the epitome of the current mobile terminal harassment and fraud problems, and users are overwhelmed by it. According to report data, in the third quarter, the number of spam messages reported by Tencent mobile phone butler users increased year-on-year, reaching a total of 399 million; users flagged nearly 117 million harassing calls, meaning that an average of 1.27 million harassing calls were flagged every day.

Among the types of harassing calls, fraudulent calls are the most serious. Although scams are old-fashioned, most scammers are organized criminal gangs. They are well versed in user psychology. Coupled with their accurate personal information, they are good at fabricating confusing fraud scripts, which has led to a large number of users being recruited. In response, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and 13 ministries and commissions jointly formulated the "Comprehensive Rectification of Harassment Calls Special Action Plan", relying on the existing national fraudulent call prevention system to establish early warning, monitoring, identification and interception of commercial marketing harassing calls, and improve the prevention of illegal crimes The prevention of similar and malicious harassment calls has gradually formed the national harassment telephone technology prevention capabilities. Data shows that after the plan was announced, mobile phone users took more initiative to participate in reporting harassment and fraudulent calls.

   In addition, users can also use security tools such as Tencent mobile phone butler and mobile jammer to intercept harassing and fraudulent calls. Relying on massive amounts of security data, Tencent Mobile Phone Manager can accurately intercept harassing and fraudulent calls and text messages, helping users block unnecessary harassment. It is worth mentioning that with the launch of the iOS12 system, the iOS version of Tencent Mobile Manager has been updated synchronously and launched the "one-click report" function, allowing iPhone users to block harassing calls and quickly flag reports, providing the most comprehensive iPhone anti-harassment solution