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Cell Phone Jammer Electronic Project

Delano Jacob 2021-07-29

Using signal jammers to shield wireless signals in secret places is a basic security measure. However, the development of mobile communication technology and the construction of mobile networks have brought great challenges to Cell Phone Jammer Electronic Project in secret places, which are mainly manifested in: Mobile communication and wireless systems adopt a variety of advanced anti-interference technologies. Such as: spread spectrum, frequency hopping, diversity, advanced coding, and anti-interference capabilities are getting stronger; the same place is covered by the wireless signals of multiple mobile communications and wireless systems, and each system uses multiple frequency bands, resulting in more and more frequency bands The more the bandwidth, the wider the bandwidth; the wide deployment of indoor base stations greatly improves the indoor signal strength. However, most of the current mobile phone signal jammers use sweep frequency interference methods, which have higher requirements for interference signal ratio. cell phone jammer These factors all cause the mobile phone jammer to require a higher transmission power, and the effective interference radius is smaller.

Due to the precedents of cheating using communication devices in the college entrance examination in recent years, Cell Phone Jammer Electronic Project is widely used to completely eliminate these phenomena. So what is the principle of the mobile phone jammer used in the college entrance examination? In fact, this is the time it takes for your phone to send and receive messages. The cell phone jammer is like a loud volume device. The "noise signal" output is too large, and the mobile phone cannot hear the original sound. , Also known as wireless jammer. In short, the role of the shielding device is not to block the phone signal, but to interfere with or cover up the phone signal. Corresponding to the use of electromagnetic signals, it is very useful when dealing with a large number of harmful signals.