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gsm device price are harmful to health?

Perfectjammer 2021-03-05

GSM Device Price

The Minister of National Education just vetoed a representative’s suggestion that he had suggested that he install laptop and mobile cell phone jammer in schools. why? Vincent Peillon believes that because this would violate the Post and Telecommunications Act.

UMP deputy Philippe Meunier expressed regret in a parliamentary question issued in September last year: "Mobile phones may be abused by students." The elected representative then explained his reasoning to the Minister of National Education, Vincent Payon: "Except for the frequently mentioned issues. (Excessive sending and receiving telemessages and phone calls during school, extortion issues), they can also cheat in tests, take pictures during class, and distribute them instantly on social networks, surfing the Internet uncontrolled...

According to him, this diagnosis requires "necessity": the installation of a GSM gsm device price is to prevent the phone from being picked up at school. Without the network, there is no communication, for any purpose. Philippe Meunier believed that teachers could “claim the same respect from audiences or actors in entertainment venues”, so he asked Vincent Payon if it was possible to “approve the installation of mobile phone interference in venues, schools, etc.” Devices. The situation in theaters and cinemas."

After nearly two months of waiting, the congressman has just received a response from the Minister of National Education. The latter told him that there was no problem with the installation of such equipment. Vincent Peillon (Vincent Peillon) explained that the State Education Supervision Administration has reflected on possible gsm device price. Result: "If the solution proves to be a means to prevent telephone communication, considering the influence of electromagnetic waves, people must be unwilling to emit electromagnetic waves, especially electromagnetic waves from "gsm device price." True or speculated about health."

But most importantly, Rue de Grenelle argued that Article L33-3-1 of the Post and Telecommunications Act prohibits “the use of any equipment designed to make all types of electronic communication equipment unusable, and both are “used only for Transmission received'". . However, this article provides for an exception: "for the needs of public order, national defense and national security or judicial public services". Question: The Minister pointed out that “the school is not mentioned in this exhaustive list”, so he put aside the proposal of MP Munier.

Like the Minister, let us recall that the "Grinell II Environment" prohibits the use (rather than owning) mobile phones in schools and universities. Article L511-5 of the "Education Law" effectively stipulates: "In nurseries, elementary schools and universities, in any teaching activities and in places prescribed by internal regulations, students are not allowed to use mobile phones." In this regard, Vincent Payon pointed out: "Therefore, the competent department of each school or college shall stipulate in the internal regulations where students cannot use the telephone."

However, this ban, adopted in the name of the precautionary principle, usually has no effect. The senator Alain Dart was offended and it has been a little over a year. Unfortunately, "The text did not specify whether he will return to teachers to respect the law, and in the case of infringement, risk criminals (especially parents) ). These inaccuracies led to the failure to take this measure," he was shocked. The Minister of Education at the time Luc Chatel, like Vincent Peillon, replied that it is up to each institution to resolve this issue within the framework of internal regulations. "Some regulations allow for confiscation. In case of repeated offenders or repeated offenders, they may be punished by the school or even subject to disciplinary sanctions." An explanation that dissatisfied Alain Dufaut: "Let me serve as a member of the school board. I know it is very difficult to establish rules and sanction non-compliance."

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