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The purchase of mobile phone jammers is suspected of illegal

Lord David December 31, 2020 12:30

Every year during the college entrance examination, the school will have network problems, such as mobile phone disconnection and slow Internet speed, because the school has turned on mobile cell phone jammer. If we think that the mobile phone is a handheld two-way radio, the radio will be interfered, and the mobile phone is no exception. Like any radio, cell phone signals are disturbed.

In this article, Xiao Nuo will talk to you about how mobile jammers work.

Principle of interference

Interfering with a mobile phone is like interfering with any other type of radio communication. Mobile phones communicate with their service network through base stations. When mobile phone users drive on the street, the signal will switch from one base station to another.

Frequency range of the three major operators

We know that wireless communication uses electromagnetic waves for communication. The functional characteristics of electromagnetic waves are determined by their frequency. Our mobile phones must emit electromagnetic waves that meet the requirements in order to connect to our communications carrier base stations. Different communication systems use different frequencies, so everyone is calm and will not interfere with each other. The basic principle of a mobile phone jammer is to emit the same radio frequency as a mobile phone. Because the frequency is the same, the mobile phone cannot distinguish which signal is a normal base station signal, thus realizing "interference".

The noise covers the traditional sound.

When a base station tries to connect to a mobile phone, as long as there is a machine with the same frequency as the mobile phone emitting"noise". You will find that the signal sent by the mobile phone is too complicated to be recognized, so you will refuse to communicate with the mobile phone. Early cell phone jammers can only block a set of frequencies, such as 2G, while complex jammers can simultaneously block several types of networks, such as 2/3/4G. How is this multi-network interference achieved?

Actually, it's very simple. In the loop mode, the interference frequency bands corresponding to the three signals are played repeatedly, covering three frequency bands at a time, and the interval between loops is very small, so that the mobile phone has no chance to talk and can only sit quietly.

Multi-band mobile phone signal jammer

2/3/4G are covered, but what about Bluetooth and wifi? It doesn't matter, the same can be done. The jammer has evolved again, adding the Bluetooth and wifi frequency bands to the scanning range, so that several common communication methods in society are completely covered. Many people do not understand the difference between the three methods of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and mobile data. They all seem to be wireless communication technologies. In fact, the difference between the three of them lies mainly in the frequency band. In mobile communication technology, 2G mainly works in the 900-1700MHz frequency band, 3G works in the 1900-2100MHz frequency band, and 4G works in the 2300-2500MHz frequency band. Bluetooth and WiFi work at 2.4GHz. The main principle of signal shielding and mobile phone signal jammers is that they emit huge noises in the frequency band used by mobile phones and disturb the normal signal reception and transmission of mobile phones. This small object is not only used to prevent cheating during exams, it is also often used politically and militaryly to prevent terrorist attacks. But signal jammers are not like shopping for food, they are not bought and used casually, otherwise they may be illegal.