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gps warehouse canada can analyze the signal in real time

Perfectjammer 2021-03-06

GPS Warehouse Canada

When the flight does not go as planned, the drone can be very dangerous. Especially since hackers who use cheap gps jammer are now really dangerous. The GPS signal scrambling technology is constantly evolving, and its size and cost are decreasing. Nowadays, gps warehouse canada can be purchased online for only 50 euros. For a long time, threats to the military have plagued businesses because the delivery of drones is quickly becoming a reality, and this type of attack may spread widely around the world. Not to mention that the police use drones.

In a carefully choreographed light and sound show in Hong Kong in 2018, a jamming device knocked 46 drones down from the sky. The resulting property losses and equipment losses cost Hong Kong approximately US$1 million. Almost all drones have safety protocols to return them to the base station or safe landing site in the event of interference. But these devices proved to be ineffective in this event.

"They are professional drones, and the technology they use brings them back to the starting point of takeoff," said Anthony Lau Junxun, director of the activities committee, in an interview with the South China Morning Post. "But the signal is so strong that many signals fall from the sky."

UAVs and their services are highly dependent on GPS signals. Even though the drone can be equipped with alternate methods (INS/OPS), GPS reference is still required for positioning, navigation, and stable operation. Therefore, a GPS attack is the easiest way to make a drone fall and possibly cause damage.

The good news is that commercial drone solutions are coming, they come directly from the defense industry. One of them comes from infiniDome, which produces a device called gps warehouse canada, which is integrated into the drone's GNSS receiver and uses a unique interference filtering system that will come from two omnidirectional antennas The signals are combined together. The gps warehouse canada can analyze the jamming signal in real time and transmit its attributes to infiniDome's proprietary algorithm to filter and reject any RF interference, so that the drone can continue to rely on the GPS signal in the event of a fire. And once the interference signal is detected, the gps warehouse canada will notify the operator of any signal interference.

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