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Free Cell Phone Caller Blocking

Chen Jerry 2021-12-10

Radio signal jammers are used to block the signals between mobile phones (870-880MHz, 930-960MHz, 1805-1920MHz, 2010-2025MHz, 2110-2170MHz, and 2300-2600MHz frequency bands). It is a deterrent device. We provide various types of Free Cell Phone Caller Blocking to protect the shielded area. It is fully applicable to different types of environments. We will explain the design and installation of this product here. There are various signals in the living environment. The signal strength is different. You can design and install mobile phone signal jammers while knowing the signal strength of your location. Need to understand the situation of the base station around the location where the mobile phone signal jammer is installed and the distance from the base station. In most cities, base stations are built in many skyscrapers. It is built on steel towers in the suburbs or villages. The measuring instrument can record multiple points of signal strength in detail in indoor and outdoor scenes. cell phone jammer

The Free Cell Phone Caller Blocking that blocks communications and WIFI signals is illegal in many countries. The information in this article is for security purposes only. Anyone who wants to buy a radio wave blocker should check local regulations before ordering. We have special permission. Using the mobile phone jammer, the drone will fall to the ground. You can protect the facility. Use this cell phone signal jammer to protect activities and facilities. You can protect the sky. Prevent accidents at the Olympics. It also reported that it had interrupted the communication between the drones and returned to the ground safely. I heard that mobile jammers can also be used in the Winter Olympics. It has a great influence on the operation of UAVs. Ensure the safety of the main venue.