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Handheld Cell Phone Blocker 16 Bands 5G Jammer

Cell Phones Blocking Emotions

Daniels Bill 2022-02-12

Various examination rooms, conference rooms, gas stations, oil depots, churches, hospitals, courts, military centers, libraries, theaters and other places. 1. Exam room: Modern communication tools can be used to prevent and eliminate cheating by candidates. 2. Meeting room: ensure the order of the meeting place, keep the content of the meeting confidential, and prevent the leakage of meeting secrets. 3. Gas stations and oil depots: It can avoid fire and explosion caused by microwave signal interference. 4. Church: It can remove the noise of the mobile phone signal and maintain the solemnity of the religious place. 5. Hospital: It can prevent the harm to the human body and the interference to the work of medical equipment when using the mobile phone. 6. Court: It can maintain the dignity and sanctity of the court. 7. Military power: Prevent the leakage of military secrets. 8. Library: A quiet reading and study environment can be maintained. 9. Cinema: As a high-end entertainment venue, noise cancellation can keep audiences interested in watching shows. Cell Phones Blocking Emotions The device has a wide range of applications and excellent performance. It can be limited to use anywhere 200 meters away from the launch pad, and the radius of the mobile phone signal with a shielding radius of cell phone jammer can be adjusted. The 4-channel model can effectively shield CDMA, GSM, DCS, PHS mobile phone signals. It only shields the mobile phone signal, does not affect other electronic devices, and is harmless to the human body. .The device is easy to install, can work stably for a long time when connected to the power plug, saves electricity, and is economical and simple.

Cell phone signals today exist in many places. All electrical equipment is surrounded by them. When the phone is not in use, the impact on other powered devices is minimized. If you don't have a cell phone, there is no data communication between your cell phone and the base station. It doesn't change sudden signals. It is a relatively stable electromagnetic field. This static electricity hardly interferes with electronic equipment. During the use of the mobile phone, there is data communication between the mobile phone and the base station, which generates a mutation signal and forms a dynamic electromagnetic field. Such dynamic electromagnetic signals can affect the failure of electrical equipment. That's what it means to apply mobile Cell Phones Blocking Emotions at the gas station.