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Mobile Jammers Make Drivers More Attentive

Peck Timothy Nov 25, 2020 10:30

The truck driver allegedly admitted that he had lost control of the vehicle after trying to pick up an object that fell on the floor of his cab. According to reports, it was reportedly between Vervins and Southens in northern France on Tuesday afternoon. In the N2 accident, the driver of the truck was suspected of having an accident. He tried to pick up the objects that fell in his cabin. Maybe it's a cell phone. Four children were killed as a result. The man is about fifty years old and works for a company an hour's drive from Laon, 60 kilometers from Chimay. His alcohol and drug tests were negative, and investigators still heard his voice on Tuesday.

According to a colleague from French TV, he was making a phone call when the car accident happened. If there was a mobile cell phone jammer in the car at the time, it might be possible to avoid the accident. He could only lift it after finding an object falling in the car. At the beginning, the driver could see that he was about to hit a truck parked in front of him. He will then perform an evasive maneuver, turning left and crashing into a car driving in the opposite direction. The car was knocked down by the van again, and would catch fire and park on its side.

Witnesses of the accident will intervene in time to rescue the severely burned driver before the vehicle’s passenger compartment is fully ignited. Still on the boat are four children between the ages of 9 and 13 who will not give birth to any flames: one of his children and three nephews or nieces. In an absolute state of emergency, the pilot was taken by helicopter to Amiens Hospital. His important prognosis is still Tuesday. Last week, on the A7 highway near Albon, 60 kilometers south of Lyon, five children between the ages of 3 and 14 were killed under the same circumstances. The turbocharger of a minivan carrying 9 people instead of 7 ran away, causing a loss of control and a subsequent fire.

Vehicle fire after collision: This phenomenon is not uncommon. Vehicle fires after an accident are not uncommon. There are approximately 40 vehicles on fire in this way in Belgium each year. Last year, 34 cars caught fire after colliding on our road. According to statistics from the General Administration of Civil Affairs, more than a dozen people die in such incidents each year, but it is not stated whether the death is related to the accident itself or whether the victim was killed in the accident. flame.