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Mobile phone jammer prohibits playing mobile phones at work

kaur charanjit Dec 25, 2020 10:30

In order to prevent employees from playing with mobile phones during work, the company used mobile cell phone jammer ingeniously, which resulted in complaints from surrounding residents. A few days ago, the radio management department of Qingyuan City came to the door in time to eliminate signal interference and criticized the company.

  The cell phone signal disappeared inexplicably

"The mobile phone signal disappeared inexplicably. It's weird to go outside to a certain area to recover." Recently, the Qingyuan Radio Management Office received a complaint from mobile phone users that the communication base station located near Jiafu Industrial Park was affected by unknown interference. As a result, the two sectors cannot work normally, affecting the normal communication of a large number of users. The office immediately dispatched radio law enforcement personnel and monitoring personnel to the interference area to investigate. After testing, it was found that the interference signal came from the factory of a travel goods company in Jiafu Industrial Park.

The person in charge of the company explained that in order to prevent employees from delaying their work, they purchased a GSM signal shielding device to prevent the phenomenon of using mobile phones during working hours. They did not know that it would affect the normal operation of the communication base station and cause damage. Affect expressed very sorry and promised to remove the mobile phone jammer immediately. Regarding him as a first offender, and actively cooperating with the government's law enforcement work, the Qingyuan Radio Management Office gave the company a warning.

   Abuse will affect freedom of communication

  According to professionals, the mobile phone jammer scans from the low end of the forward channel to the high end at a certain speed. This scanning speed can cause garbled interference in the message signal received by the mobile phone, so the mobile phone cannot detect the normal data sent from the base station, and thus cannot establish a connection with the base station.

   At present, the price of this type of shielding equipment is around several thousand yuan, and it can be purchased online. In fact, mobile phone signal jammers have always been controversial. Many citizens believe that if the device is abused, it will affect the citizens' freedom of communication.

   The radio management department pointed out that the mobile phone signal jammer must be reported to the Security Bureau and the Radio Administration Bureau for record, and can be used after approval. Even if it is approved, it can only be used during the secret-related meeting, when a dedicated person is in charge, power, and scope. Unauthorized use of such equipment by enterprises or individuals is a violation of the national radio management regulations and will be punished according to the circumstances and consequences.

   If a company blocks the mobile phone signal, the department will intervene in the investigation and order it to stop using it and require the company to make rectifications.

   Qingyuan lawyer Huang Xin believes that organizations and individuals privately install mobile phone signal jammers and other devices without the approval of relevant law enforcement agencies, and are suspected of violating citizens' freedom of communication.