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Mobile jammers are very effective in guaranteeing prison management

Perfectjammer 2021/05/26

Prison management has been upgraded, and the management of vehicles entering and exiting has been continuously strengthened, that is, preventing people from entering and affecting safety, and preventing escape from prison. This time, the Hebei police have uniformly equipped all prisons with highly sensitive mobile cell phone jammer. This kind of equipment is simple to operate, has high detection accuracy, and has a good effect in detecting vital signs.

Mancheng No. 1 Prison, when the delivery van entered the jail recently, a person was found hiding in the car, staying with the goods. He used a mobile phone jammer to detect obvious vital signs. After investigation, this person wanted to go in out of curiosity. Look, this kind of ignorance of the law has left the prison guards speechless and is dealt with seriously.

When the prison leader decided to deal with it, this person who wanted to enter the prison privately was really shocked. The legal control zone does not allow random entry and exit. This is the seriousness of the law. Mobile jammers work to maintain the seriousness of the law. This time it played an important role in law enforcement and provided a guarantee for the standardization of prison management.