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Mobile jammers are conducive to the normal performance of students

Cantu Ashton Dec 27, 2020 10:30

Yesterday, the invigilator was installing mobile jammer equipment in the examination room of Shanghai No. 8 Middle School and arranged it in accordance with the standardized examination room. According to the "Oriental Morning Post" report, according to the latest analysis of meteorological data released by the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau, during the college entrance examination from June 7 to 8, Shanghai was dominated by cloudy weather, with small winds and little temperature changes, keeping it at 21℃~ Between 30°C. The Shanghai Meteorological Department said that the weather is good, the body feels generally comfortable, and the afternoon is slightly muggy. The weather conditions are conducive to the development of various activities of the college entrance examination and the normal performance of candidates.

Invigilators are not allowed to spray perfumes and wind oils, and they must wear silent shoes. At least one of the two invigilators in each examination room is a female teacher to ensure that they are not embarrassed when checking with a metal detector. The invigilator is using a metal detector At the same time, you can't touch the candidates' bodies, especially sensitive parts... The college entrance examination in 2014 started today, and yesterday, all test centers in Shanghai were ready.

This year, Shanghai college entrance examination test centers are all set up in the standardized test centers of the national education examination. The standardized test centers are equipped with online video inspection systems, emergency video command systems, radio cheating prevention and control systems (mobile cell phone jammer), candidate identity verification systems, and comprehensive examination management systems. Wait for the five major systems.

   During the exam, the city's education, public security, health, food and drug administration and other departments coordinated throughout the entire process to effectively control traffic safety, food hygiene, and noise pollution around the test site, and actively create a good test environment.

   prepare umbrellas and ice cubes

   The Ministry of Education announced yesterday that the number of applicants for the national college entrance examination in 2014 was 9.39 million, an increase of about 3% over 2013, and colleges and universities plan to enroll 6.98 million students.

   A total of 52,000 people participated in the college entrance examination in Shanghai this year. The city has 20 examination areas, more than 80 test centers, and more than 2,200 examination rooms. Nearly 5,000 invigilators are employed and nearly 10,000 employees participate in the college entrance examination.

   Yesterday afternoon, Weng Tiehui, Deputy Mayor of Shanghai, and Zong Ming, Deputy Secretary-General of the Municipal Government, made a special trip to Shanghai No. 8 Middle School and Lingling Middle School to listen to test preparation reports at the test sites.

Weng Tiehui pointed out that in accordance with the unified requirements of the Ministry of Education, the Municipal Party Committee, and the Municipal Government, all relevant departments of the districts, counties, and municipalities must adhere to the principle of “observing the soil and fulfilling its responsibilities”, clearly dividing labor, cooperating with each other, finding weak links, eliminating hidden dangers, and maintaining examination order , Effectively guarantee the smooth and smooth work of the college entrance examination.

   Lu Qisheng, principal of Shanghai No. 8 Middle School, introduced that as long as the candidates arrive during the morning Chinese test, the school gate will be opened in advance to allow candidates to enter, and the cafeteria will be opened for the candidates to rest. Forty or fifty love umbrellas are also prepared. If there is a hot weather, the test center also prepares for the supply of ice.

   In addition, every table in the examination room has been adjusted to ensure that there will be no shaking. Weng Tiehui also tried to sit on the spot: "It really doesn't shake."

June 8 is also a good day to get married. In previous years, there would be a wedding team set off firecrackers at 3:18 pm, and this time is the time for the college entrance examination foreign language listening test. To ensure quietness, Lu Qisheng said that they would average outside the test center. Arrange a teacher from the fifth to sixth meters to discourage newcomers from adjusting the time, such as 3:28 pm.

   It is worth mentioning that for the college entrance examination this year, Shanghai requires invigilators not to wear noisy shoes and no irritating perfume. When invigilating the exam, the invigilator and the items in the exam room should be kept as static as possible. Do not move around frequently in the examination room. The two invigilators should coordinate the positions of the two invigilators. During the test, if the examinee has no special needs, the invigilator will not look at the student’s test paper. During the examination, the doors and windows of the examination room should be kept consistent. If the candidate has no special needs, try not to change it at will.

   Each classroom in the Shanghai No. 8 Middle School test center is equipped with mobile phone jammers. According to the principal, Lu Qisheng, the security of the test room has been strengthened this year. All test rooms are locked after each test and are fully enclosed for management.

   The test site is disinfected and closed in time

   Yesterday afternoon, the Zaobao reporter saw at a test site in the city center that dozens of test rooms in the school have been set up. All desks in the test room have been posted with test takers’ information and relevant personnel are taking disinfection measures. At around 18 o'clock yesterday, the entire test center was completely closed, waiting for today's college entrance examination.

   In each examination room, all the painted walls and bulletin boards were re-pasted with a uniform white paper, and the blackboards were wiped clean. According to the teacher in charge of examinations in the school, there are 25 sets of tables and chairs in each examination room, and the distance between tables and chairs is 80 cm. “Tables and chairs with uneven table tops and unstable table legs will be eliminated. Any debris."

  As a standardized examination room, surveillance cameras and mobile phone jammers have been installed in the school corridors and every examination room. The examination papers have been under camera surveillance throughout the entire process from the time they entered the gate of the school.

The test center also has a spare test room. If the test taker has epidemic symptoms such as chickenpox, fever, gastrointestinal discomfort, etc., after the test taker submits an application, he can be treated in the school prepared by the school. If the test taker wishes to continue the test, a written request After applying, you can take the test separately in the alternate test room.