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wifi deauther 5ghz interrupts the network environment

Perfectjammer 2021-03-02

Wifi Deauther 5ghz

About the application of wifi jammer Wireless networks are widely used due to their convenience and effectiveness, but we don’t need them. What tools do we need to stop them? How it works When radio waves collide with each other, they will interfere with each other, resulting in unstable communication and slower speeds. Therefore, when using a 2.4GHz wireless LAN, if a microwave oven is used nearby, problems such as communication interruption may occur. In the office, wireless LAN communication becomes unstable in many cases due to the wireless keyboard and mouse.

It is a wifi deauther 5ghz used to interfere with wireless communication. It is also called a deterrent device or wifi deauther 5ghz. Choosing this equipment in one place is the wisest choice. During meetings and business negotiations, it usually causes discomfort and annoyance. It emits interfering radio waves. Devices that can create an environment for disconnecting the phone are illegal jammers. You can use this device to eliminate discomfort and annoyance.

Unpleasant courtesy conversations are prohibited. The wifi deauther 5ghz jammer sends the signal to the same frequency. The mobile signal area is disabled. The original wifi deauther 5ghz jammer was developed by the military and used for communication purposes. Used to control enemy communications. Currently, the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day. By comparing wifi deauther 5ghz jammers with cell phone electronic devices that disable phone signals in some places, they have become the general public.

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