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Cell Phone Network Jammer Circuit

Perfectjammer 2021/06/2

The development of the mobile phone jammer security industry is an inevitable product. This industry has a very important position. Jammers, also known as signal interference shielding, extend to signal interference, Cell Phone Network Jammer Circuit , ceiling jammers, power jammers, etc. The history of the first interfering devices is a few years ago, as long as their functions are used by some companies, such as interference. With the rapid development of science and technology, various functional interference devices have been developed. With the improvement of product quality, applications are expanding to hospitals, prisons, airports, libraries and testing centers and other industries. cell phone jammer

There are frequent customer service consultations and feedback, Cell Phone Network Jammer Circuit The device has no effect. Why does interference installation not work or sometimes very ineffective? This is caused by using the telephone to interfere with the surrounding environment of the device. Under what circumstances will the interference effect worsen? Technically speaking, there are many reasons, but there are three reasons that are close to our ordinary consumers. 1. Whether there is a base station around the mobile phone signal jammer, close to the base station. 2. There is a cell phone signal amplifier or signal booster near the cell phone jammer. 3. The walls around the anti-blocking device used, especially the reinforced concrete walls, are relatively thick. Low-power machines are particularly poor in their ability to penetrate walls.