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Mobile jammers often appear in major exams

Lord David Dec 26, 2020 10:30

The two-day countdown for the college entrance examination shows that all preparations for the college entrance examination in Fujian Province are basically ready. In view of the relatively severe social security situation, Fujian Province particularly emphasized that during the test period, the public security departments of various places must station at least two police officers at each test site. In addition, at important time points such as the entrance and exit of candidates, it is necessary to strengthen security patrols around the test site and the areas where test takers are concentrated; within 50 meters from the entrance of the test site and the left and right sides, no motor vehicles other than test security vehicles are allowed to park . Yesterday morning, Li Hong, the deputy governor and director of the Provincial Recruitment Committee, inspected the preparations for the college entrance examination at Tongpan Middle School in Fuzhou, Fujian Education Examination Institute and other places, and listened to the report on the preparations for the college entrance examination in our province.

Two "artifacts" to prevent cheating

   Following the second-generation ID card detector and metal detector, some test rooms in Fujian Province for the college entrance examination this year will be equipped with wireless signal wifi jammer and mobile phone jammers for the first time, which will ensure that there is no communication signal in the test room. Candidates should be reminded that mobile phones and other communication tools are still strictly prohibited from being brought into the examination room. According to the rules, once a mobile phone is brought into the examination room, it is still considered cheating even if it is turned off.

This year, all test centers for college entrance examinations in Fujian Province are equipped with second-generation ID card detectors, metal detectors, and mobile phone jammers. In order to prevent the transmission of information, these "artifacts" can effectively prevent and control high-tech cheating-second-generation ID card detectors can The examinee's identity is verified to prevent taking the test, and the metal detector can detect whether the examinee is carrying communication tools and electronic storage memory recording and playback equipment.

   The Fujian Education Examination Institute has also set up a special online inspection and monitoring center, and more than 50 staff will conduct online inspections of the test centers in Fujian.

Each examination room increased to 30 people

   There are 222,000 college entrance examination candidates in Fujian Province this year. Fujian Province has 86 examination areas, 226 examination sites, and 7614 examination rooms; the number of examinees in each examination room has increased from 25 to 30.

   Yesterday, the reporter saw at the exam site of Tongpan Middle School in Fuzhou that two military tents had been set up on the school playground in advance as a rest area for examinees and a rest area for the leader teacher. Even if it rained or exposed to the sun, examinees could calmly deal with it. On the outer wall of the teaching building, there is also a huge couplet, “Be calm and calm, try the five phoenixes; calm and confident, and build a dream of Kyushu in the future” to bless the candidates.