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The greater the power of the wifi jammer, the better the shielding effect

Goodwin Deborah December 30, 2020 12:30

In the Internet age, the Internet has become a "necessity". For many people, no Internet is more uncomfortable than a dead cell phone. Also in life, many people will install a broadband at home in order to better experience the Internet. But those who have WiFi at home should pay attention! Don't put these three things next to the router, otherwise the 100M network speed will also become "turtle speed"!

1.electrical appliances

Everyone knows that many electrical appliances have a certain amount of radiation. Generally, the greater the power, the stronger the radiation. Take a "wifi jammer" as an example. It is just a stronger signal radiation that interferes with the propagation of other signals. Similarly, for routers, manyappliances are actually "signal jammers." Although thoseelectrical appliances will not completely shield the signal emitted by the router, they affect the network speed to a certain extent!

2. A large amount of metal

Metal has a certain degree of conductivity. If there are a lot of metal materials next to the router, it will interfere with the transmission of electromagnetic wave signals, and may even play a role in shielding signals. In daily life, many people often place a lot of accessories next to the router in order not to affect the appearance, including metal. For this kind of behavior, it is really not recommended. Put a lot of metal next to the router, and the 100M network speed can become "turtle speed"!

3. High-density items

There are actually many things in life that have a high density, such as glass and rubber. It should be known that signal propagation requires a certain medium. If a large number of high-density objects are placed between these mediums, the signal emitted by the router will easily experience a significant decrease in signal strength after penetrating these objects. At this time, your internet speed will definitely not be fast. Therefore, it is best not to put a lot of glass products next to the router!

Although many routers have strong signals nowadays, if you put these three things next to the router, the 100M network speed will also change to "turtle speed". You should pay attention. What is your opinion on this?