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Mobile jammers are cost-effective and suitable for use in school examination rooms

Cantu Ashton January 01, 2021 12:30

With the passage of time, 5G external mobile phone signal jammer technology has basically matured. Based on the previous 4G technical foundation, the newly developed JYD-P805V external 5G mobile phone signal jammer has maintained the previous 4G parameters and increased by 5.8 Gwifi function and 2515MHz-2675MHz (TD-LTE, mobile 5G), 3400MHz-3600MHz (telecommunications 5G Unicom 5G), 4800MHz-4900MHz (mobile 5G), through in-depth analysis of communication mechanism, comprehensive comparison of electromagnetic emission suppression methods, carefully developed New high-tech information security products. The device can effectively shield all 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile phones, 2.4GHzWiFi 5.8GWiFi (WLAN/ZIGBEE/BLUETOOTH) and other wireless communication signals.

By transmitting a specific electromagnetic signal, an electromagnetic protection field is formed in a place where the use of wireless communication equipment is prohibited, so that the wireless communication equipment in the place cannot be docked with the outside wireless communication signal, thereby cutting off the connection between the wireless communication tool in the place and the outside world. It is the security guard of the confidential meeting place and standardized examination room. At this time, some people will definitely ask whether it is better to choose a 5G external machine? Is it better to use 5G built-in machines? We also said in the past for 4G machines that the performance of external and built-in machines is actually the same. It is mainly a metal shell and an external antenna. The cost will be higher. The external machine is also more bulky and suitable for use in courts and other institutions. The built-in 5G mobile cell phone jammer is cost-effective and suitable for use in the school examination room.

The shielding effect is good, effectively shielding all 2G/3G/4G/5G/ mobile phone 2.4WIF/5.8GWiFi (WLAN/ZIGBEE/BLUETOOTH) and other wireless communication signals; easy installation, plug and play, no software settings; external antenna, external It is equipped with power supply, no need to install and unload, convenient and quick to implement signal shielding; bearing silent cooling fan, integrated cooling dual channels, long working life of the fan, ensuring long-term stable operation of the equipment; reliable quality, high integration, all internal use high-performance integrated circuits and stickers Chip components; green and environmentally friendly, the electromagnetic field strength is far lower than the national standard, and has no impact on the human body; industrial-level power supply, dual power supply, can work continuously for a long time; slow-start circuit design, effectively avoiding sparking when starting up;